Embarcadero Early Projects

Embarcadero Early Projects address the areas of highest earthquake and sea level rise risks along the Embarcadero waterfront. They are near-term actions, focused on improving life safety and citywide disaster response capabilities, and are the first step toward building long-term, waterfront-wide resilience. 

Embarcadero Early Projects

(Above: Blue = Proposition A Predesign; Green = Advance through Geographic Strategy; Purple = Coordination with Long-Term Tenants, Capital Programs and City Agencies)

The Port has identified 23 Embarcadero Early Projects based on its extensive risk assessment work, including the Embarcadero Seawall Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment and the joint Disaster Response Exercise conducted with the Department of Emergency Management. 

These projects were evaluated and prioritized using criteria developed with community input. Embarcadero Early Projects respond to community priorities by:

  • Prioritizing life safety and emergency response.
  • Enhancing and sustaining economic and ecological opportunities.
  • Supporting an adaptable and equitable waterfront.
  • Ensuring public access to the waterfront and historic places.
  • Protecting and preserving historic and maritime resources.

Read more about how public input is informing the Waterfront Resilience Program at the We Hear You: Community Feedback page.  

Embarcadero Early Projects List

The Port is recommending 16 Embarcadero Early Projects to advance through Proposition A General Obligation Bond, with plans to advance the remaining projects by pursuing additional funding sources and partnerships: 

  • 5 projects through geographic development for the stretch between Piers 19 and 41, allowing for multiple funding sources to improve the area with high occupancy and critical City and Port infrastructure
  • 11 projects straight to predesign through Proposition A funding; and
  • 7 projects through coordination with Port tenants, capital programs, and City agency coordination.

Download the Embarcadero Early Projects brochure here.

Click on the PDF links below to learn more about each project. The number in parenthesis matches the project number from the map above.

Fisherman's Wharf Geography

Pier 19 to 41 Seawall Improvement and Resilient Shoreline Strategy

Ferry Building Geography

South Beach Geography

Full Embarcadero Projects

A Down Payment on Resilience

The initial cost estimates for delivering all 23 Embarcadero Early Projects range from $650 to $3 billion. Project budgets will be developed as projects advance through predesign. The current overall budget forecast for all Embarcadero Early Projects far exceeds available Proposition A funding. By advancing projects through multiple funding streams, including portions of Proposition A, the Port can better position Embarcadero Early Projects to receive state and federal funding as well as partnerships with long-term tenants, private stakeholders, and city partners.  

Embarcadero Early Projects include efforts to strengthen the Embarcadero Seawall in targeted areas. In some cases, these are interim fixes, and in others they are a first step toward future adaptation. Creating a resilient Embarcadero will take several decades, but these projects are an important first step as the Port develops resilience strategies for the entire 7.5 miles of waterfront. 

Resilience Along the Entire Waterfront

San Francisco Waterfront

Alongside identification of Embarcadero Early Projects to address the areas of highest earthquake and sea level rise risks along the Embarcadero waterfront, the Port continues to advance work to reduce risk in the central and southern waterfront. These efforts include partnerships with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers San Francisco Waterfront Coastal Flood Study, Islais Creek Southeast Mobility Adaptation Strategy, and the Southern Waterfront Seismic Vulnerability Assessment. 

The Port is actively moving forward with projects related to earthquake hazards in the Southern Waterfront including: 

The process for Embarcadero Early Projects will inform further development of resilience plans to reduce risks along the Port's entire jurisdiction from Aquatic Park to Heron's Head Park. 


San Francisco Waterfront