Diversity & Equity

The Port of San Francisco is committed to eliminating racial disparity in all its policies, processes, decisions, and resource allocations. The City of San Francisco and its waterfront is a place that intentionally welcomes everyone, celebrates diversity, and measures its success by how its services and governance champion equity.  The Port of San Francisco and the waterfront land it manages strives to be a place of opportunity and success.

The Port prioritizes equity as a core value and is committed to advancing racial equity.

Our goals are:

  • Port opportunities are shared with people of color,
  • The San Francisco waterfront intentionally welcomes and includes diverse communities,
  • The Port is an anti-racist organization, and
  • The Port is a workplace built on equitable policies and practices, where every individual is supported to make the most of their talents.

Racial Equity Action Plan

The Racial Equity Action Plan (REAP) outlines steps, objectives, and goals to advance the Port's vision to become a more equitable organization and support the Port's commitment to ensure opportunities reach BIPOC communities. 

The Plan describes both internal and external steps to create an anti-racist organization and partner to communities adjacent to Port property. The Plan takes direction from the citywide framework, developed by the Office of Racial Equity, which provides required actions to help dismantle systemic racism in the City and County of San Francisco. It serves as the blueprint for advancing racial equity and will be updated on or before December 31, 2023.

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