Business Opportunities

The Port of San Francisco is home to over 500 tenants and the region's most exciting attractions.  Business opportunities abound for small and large businesses and savvy entrepreneurs at the Port.  Each year we contract and procure a wide range of services and establish new real estate, maritime and commercial partnerships.  Learn more and join us.  

Programs for Businesses

Construction activity at the Ferry Terminals
Contract Opportunities
Open House
Small Business Support
Juggler at Pier 43
Street Performer Program

Opportunities and Services

Pier 1
Permit Services
Pier 38
Leasing Port Properties
The bow and arrow shape of Cupid's Span
Public Art Program
Port staff watch during emergency exercises
Careers and Internships
Pier 80 auto processing
Cargo & Shipping
Cruise ship berthed at Pier 27
Commercial Layberthing
Fish nets on a commercial fishing vessel
Commercial Fishing
Cargo ships at Pier 80 and cranes
Foreign Trade Zone