Maritime Commerce Advisory Committee (MCAC) - July 18, 2019

    Agenda full text

    1. Welcome and Self-Introductions (All)
    2. Maritime Update (Andre Coleman)
    3. Waterfront Plan Update (Diane Oshima)
    a. Piers 30/32 (Peter Bryan)
    b. Historic Piers RFP (Rebecca Benassini)
    4. Chase Center (Yoyo Chan)
    5. Old and New Business; General Discussion; Agenda Topics for Future Meetings (All)
    6. Forward Calendar
    • MCAC meeting dates in 2019 (third Thursday, every other month):
    September 19, November 21
    MCAC meetings are held at Pier 1, unless otherwise noticed, and begin at 11:30am.
    • Port Commission meeting dates prior to next MCAC meeting:
    August 13, September 10
    PC meetings are held in the Ferry Building (2nd floor) and begin at 3:15pm

    Minutes full text
    1 Peter Albert Port of San Francisco
    2 Shannon  Alford Port of San Francisco
    3 Rebecca Benassini Port of San Francisco
    4 Yo Yo  Chan Warriors
    5 Brandon Chapman Port of San Francisco
    6 Christoper Christiansen ILWU Local 34
    7 Andre Coleman Port of San Francisco
    8 Anne Cook Port of San Francisco
    9 Dennis Deisinger BAE Systems
    10 Tyler Foster Red & White Fleet
    11 Chris  Gallup Hornblower Group
    12 Catherine Hooper Maritime Consultant
    13 Mari Hunter MTA
    14 Ellen Johnck Ellen Joslin Johnck, RPA
    15 Nick  Kendall SF Bay Railway
    16 Cathryn  Lucido Metro Ports
    17 Denise Lum Port of San Francisco
    18 Manoj Madhavan Warriors
    19 Dominic  Moreno Port of San Francisco
    20 Michael Nerney Port of San Francisco
    21 Brendan O'Meara Port of San Francisco
    22 Rae  Paetzold SF Bar Pilots
    23 Randy Quezada Port of San Francisco
    24 Gerry Roybal Port of San Francisco
    25 Jeff Slusarz USCG
    26 Scott Thomas San Francisco Water Taxi
    27 Anita Yao Port of San Francisco

    1. Welcome
    • Self-introductions by all present.

    2. Maritime Update (Andre Coleman)
    • One of the two respondents to operate the shipyard has recently withdrew their proposal.  The other proposal is with our consultant for review. 
    • In the meantime, site visits are being conducted with other potential tenants who are interested in the facility for other maritime uses.  Port is awaiting business plans.
    Cargo Pier 80: 
    • The Port closed out this fiscal year with a 125% increase in volume at Pier 80.
    • There were 47 vessels calls and roughly 77,000 vehicles.
    • Aggregates on the Southern Waterfront have been steady this year.
    • Royal Caribbean currently have 4 vessels that call at the Port of San Francisco.  Port Staff met with RCL and gave them a site tour of Pier 27 and Pier 35. They are looking to increase their presence on the West Coast. 
    • 86 cruise calls for calendar year 2019.
    • As of now, 116 cruise calls are scheduled for (calendar year) 2020.

    3. Waterfront Plan Update (Anne Cook)
    • The Draft Waterfront Plan is the result of a 3-year public planning process by the Waterfront Plan Working Group.
    • The Draft has been published and it is currently in circulation for public review and comments through September 2019.
    • Please see the informational presentation about the Draft Plan here:

    A. Piers 30/32 (Peter Albert)
    • The Request for Proposal for strategy options to improve historic Piers 30/32 will be issued   by the end of 2019.
    • ILWU Local 34, voiced that Piers 30/32 could be an optional secondary cruise terminal if Pier 35 was not viable to accommodate the new carb rules effective 2021.
    • Please see the presentation on Piers 30/32 here:

    B. Historic Piers RFP (Rebecca Benassini)
    • The Port identified 14 historic facilities on the waterfront in need of rehabilitation. 
    • The Request for Interest was issued in August 2018 and the Port received 52 responses.
    • The Request for Proposal to rehabilitate historic piers will be issued end of October 2019.
    • Please see the Historic Piers Rehabilitation Program presentation here:

    4. Chase Center (Yoyo Chan, Manoj Madhavan & Mari Hunter)
    • The Chase Center will open on September 3, 2019.
    • The first public ticketed event will be on September 6, 2019.
    • The SFMTA together with the Golden State Warriors encourage all to take public transportation to and from the Chase Center.
    • Please see the first presentation on the Chase Center Transportation Overview here:
    • Please see the second presentation Transportation and Operations Update here:
    • For events taking place at the Chase Center, check their website:
    • Chris Christiansen is concerned how the traffic may disrupt the day to day business down at the industrial zone of the southern waterfront (Piers 70, 80, 94, 96).  MTA/Warriors will have teams at the first several events to observe and will adjust the operations if needed.
    • Gerry Roybal recommended for the Warriors traffic management and PIO team reach out to establish contacts at the Bayview and Mariposa Hunters Point Boat Clubs, and Westar Marine regarding activity or traffic within the area of Pier 50. Bayview Boat Club’s largest regatta and event of the year was impacted due to congestion in the area.

    5. Other: Old and New Business; General Discussion; Agenda Topics for Future Meetings (All)
    • The Port of Oakland is proposing to develop a baseball stadium at the Port’s Howard Terminal. Oakland A’s will present to Harbor Safety Committee on August 8.

    6. Forward Calendar
    • Next MCAC meeting – Thursday, September 19, 2019, 11:30-1:00 – Pier 1
    Bayside 1 & 2 Conference Rooms