Maritime Commerce Advisory Committee (MCAC) - January 16, 2020

    Minutes full text
    1 Tom Brady Westar Marine Services
    2 Andre  Coleman Port of San Francisco
    3 Robert Estrada Inlandboatmen's Union
    4 Patrick Forrester Port of San Francisco
    5 Ellen Johnck Ellen Joslin Johnck, RPA
    6 Don Johnson Red & White Fleet
    7 Scott  Klopf Silverado Contractors
    8 Gordon Loebl Hornblower
    9 Cathyrn Lucido Metro Cruise Services
    10 Denise  Lum Port of San Francisco
    11 Ann McIntyre SF Bar Pilots
    12 Joe  Monroe Port of San Francisco
    13 Dominic Moreno Port of San Francisco
    14 Ray Paetzold SF Bar Pilots
    15 Gerry Roybal Port of San Francisco
    16 Jeff Slusarz USCG
    17 Scott  Thomas San Francisco Water Taxi
    18 Matt  Wickens Port of San Francisco
    19 Anita  Yao Port of San Francisco

    1. Welcome
    • Self-introductions by all present.

    2. Maritime Update (Andre Coleman)
    • Crab season is currently underway, selling at $3.25 to $3.50 per pound.
    • John Barnett is the new president for the Crab Boat Owners Association. 
    • Harbor occupancy is slightly under 100%.
    • We are using additional space at the shipyard for this crab season.
    • Herring season kicked off on January 15 and will run through March 15, unless the quota of 800 tons is met before March 15.
    • Cruise Lines International Association issued the 2020 Cruise Industry Outlook.
    • The data shows 32 million passengers will cruise in 2020 with 370k coming through the Port of San Francisco.
    • 2020 is the Port of San Francisco’s highest cruise year with 117 cruise calls.
    • Andre Coleman and Mike Nerney attended the CLIA cruise conference in Miami this past December.  It was a good opportunity to engage with key stake holders while exploring new opportunities for growth.
    • The Carnival Miracle will deploy in March with San Francisco being the homeport.
    • We are working with Moffatt and Nichol for mooring analysis at Pier 27 and Pier 35.  The report should be done by mid-February.
    • Due to a minor incident where a vessel sustained some hull damage two months ago, we are looking into repairing pilings and adding more fendering at Pier 15/17.
    • Pier 80 is a success story as far as growth. 
    • In volumes, roughly 146,000 units have been handled to date at Pier 80.
    • There are currently only 10 full time auto processors at Pier 80 from local hiring.
    • Pasha reached a tentative agreement with ILWU Local 6 (Warehouse Division) for a guaranteed 40-hour work week.
    • Andre Coleman and Brendan O’Meara will travel to San Diego to see Pasha’s operations. 
    • We are working on some lease extensions with current maritime tenants located in the Southern Waterfront.
    • Maritime has a couple of items on the Port Commission calendar. Staff will be presenting on South Beach Harbor, water transportation, and the status of the shipyard.
    • At the Breakfast of the Champions meeting, Anita Yao was recognized for 20 years of service; Mike Nerney for 20 years of service; Matt Wickens got individual recognition for his work on the Seawall Resiliency project; and Dominic Moreno got individual recognition for many of his contributions this past calendar year to the Maritime department.
    • Ellen Johnck encourages any one to attend the Port Commission meetings to show support for maritime related items.

    3. South Beach Harbor (Joe Monroe)
    • South Beach Harbor was constructed in 1986 and was managed by the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency. In 2019, South Beach Harbor was officially transferred to the Port of San Francisco. 
    • South Beach Harbor is at 95% occupancy.
    • Please see the presentation on South Beach Harbor:

    4. San Francisco Seawall Resilience Project (Matt Wickens)
    • The Port’s Waterfront Resilience Program efforts ensure the waterfront is resilient against hazards such as earthquakes, flooding, sea level rise due to climate change, shoreline erosion, and other potential dangers to the waterfront.
    • Message to our Port tenants, is we are trying to improve our infrastructure AND anchor down this side of the city.
    • Please see the presentation on the Waterfront Resilience Program:

    • Learn more about the Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment by watching this short video:
    • For more information on the Waterfront Resilience Program, including the Seawall Program:

    5. Waterfront Plan Update (Ellen Johnck)
    • The environmental review process will be initiated in early 2020, which will take anywhere from 12-18 months.
    • As part of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) process, the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) will need to amend the San Francisco Waterfront Special Area Plan to incorporate the recommended policies from the waterfront plan. 

    6. Old and New Business; General Discussion; Agenda Topics for Future Meetings (All)
    • Captain Ann McIntyre has joined the San Francisco Bar Pilots as the new Business Director.  In 1996, Ann was selected by the Oregon Board of Maritime Pilots to become the first woman pilot on the Columbia River.
    • The East Oakland Stadium Alliance coalition was formed to oppose the construction of a baseball stadium at the Port of Oakland’s Howard Terminal.
    • Captain Glenn Williams and a deckhand from Tideline Marine rescued a man out of the waters in the Berkeley Marina in December 2019.  This effort was recognized by Senator Diane Feinstein as heroic.
    • Scott Thomas reported San Francisco Water Taxi is doing well, with numbers steadily increasing.  They are looking to expand their fleet with an enclosed water taxi due to passenger concerns on the faster boat to Angel Island. Taxi #7 will make its debut in the waters soon.
    • The new float for the fire department at Pier 22½ will be delivered next week. It will be docked at Treasure Island where construction of the new fire station #35 will take place.
    • Abandoned vessels located in the Sacramento delta remain a big priority for the Coast Guard. Assembly Bill No. 2441 was passed in June 2019 to address this issue but has yet to identify funding.

    7. Forward Calendar
    • Next MCAC meeting – Thursday, March 19, 2020, 11:30am-1:00pm, at Pier 1 in the Bayside 1 & 2 Conference Rooms.