Waterfront Plan Update

Read and Give Feedback on the Draft Waterfront Plan

The Draft Waterfront Plan is the result of a 3-year public planning process by the Waterfront Plan Working Group. The Draft Plan sets nine goals which establish a framework for the Plan’s many policies. The Draft Plan also presents objectives for five subareas, and details about acceptable uses for each property in each subarea:  Fisherman’s Wharf, Northeast Waterfront, South Beach, Mission Bay and Southern Waterfront.    

Thanks to all who have provided public comments, to guide refinements to the Draft Plan.  The Draft Plan must complete an environmental review process before the Port Commission can adopt the Waterfront Plan.  Sign up to receive more details on the environmental review and Plan approval process.  The Port is happy to address additional questions and comments at Waterfront.Plan@sfport.com.

Summary of the Draft Waterfront Plan

Read the Draft Waterfront Plan


  Waterfront Plan cover page  

How We Got Here

In 2015, the Port published a Waterfront Plan Review report about the waterfront projects and changes that have taken place since 1997, when the Waterfront Plan was initially adopted. The Port identified new issues that needed address and created the Waterfront Plan Working Group, supported by seven Advisory Teams. Their 3-year planning process delved into land use, transportation, resilience, and several other issues, leading to public recommendations about how the Port waterfront should be improved in the future, which is incorporated in the Draft Waterfront Plan. The Port Commission and staff are so impressed and thankful to the Working Group and all the citizens who supported this public process. This work also has been coordinated with the Port’s work on the Port’s Waterfront Resilience Program, including the Embarcadero Seawall.

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