Measures Explorer

Welcome to the Measures Explorer! Through its Waterfront Resilience Program, the Port has been studying urgent seismic and flood risks along the Port's 7.5 mile jurisdiction. In assessing and analyzing how vulnerable our waterfront is to these hazards, the Port has also begun to identify "measures," or specific strategies for adapting San Francisco's waterfront in the face of earthquakes, flooding, and future sea level rise.

Measures are the basic building blocks of a comprehensive approach to protecting the waterfront now and in the future. The Port's goal is to identify the measures that are most appropriate to protect the many different conditions along the waterfront in ways that reflect city and community priorities, combining seismic and flood risk improvements wherever it's feasible and cost-effective. Ultimately, measures will be selected and refined to build project options for selection for Proposition A bond funding. 

Click on the blue links below to view PDFs of the different types of measures. 

For a broader view of earthquake and flooding risks along the waterfront, visit the Waterfront Resilience Story Maps.

For more background information, visit the Seismic and Flood Risk 101 page.


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Shoreline Stabilization
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Targeted Measures
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