San Francisco Waterfront Flood Study - Draft Plan

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), in collaboration with the City of San Francisco, has reached an important milestone in the San Francisco Waterfront Flood Study – the release of the Draft Plan.  

Draft Plan

What Is the Draft Plan?

The Draft Plan is part of the San Francisco Waterfront Flood Study (Flood Study), which analyzes the coastal flood risk and effects of sea level rise for the 7.5 miles of waterfront within the Port of San Francisco’s jurisdiction, from Aquatic Park to Heron’s Head Park.

Reflecting more than six years of community engagement and public input, the Draft Plan proposes actions to defend the shoreline against rising sea levels and presents an environmental analysis of those actions.

The Draft Plan indicates where to build coastal flood defenses and how much sea level rise future coastal flood defenses will manage before they need to be adapted to higher water levels. The proposed solutions are estimated to cost $13.5 billion, and, if approved by Congress, the Federal government may pay up to 65% of the construction cost. Cost estimates are preliminary, high-level, and subject to change.

The Draft Plan does not include detailed designs for flood defenses; designs for waterfront streets, open spaces, and infrastructure; timing and sequencing of construction; or a funding plan. These elements will be developed during later phases with the public, USACE, and City Agencies. 

What Is Included in the Draft Plan?

Draft Plan - Fisherman's Wharf

Fisherman's Wharf

The Draft Plan in Fisherman’s Wharf takes advantage of the existing higher ground and uses floodproofing and short floodwalls on piers and wharves to reduce near-term damages to lower-lying buildings and assets.



Draft Plan - Embarcadero


In the Embarcadero the Draft Plan focuses on raising the seawall at the shoreline edge with a gradual transition to connect the shoreline to the existing city elevation across the Embarcadero, maintaining the city’s connection to the waterfront and adapting historic wharves and buildings.



Draft Plan - South Beach / Mission Bay

South Beach / Mission Bay

In South Beach / Mission Bay the Draft Plan uses a combination of berms/levees, seawalls, nature-based features such as creek enhancements, and closure structures for the bridges. In addition, the Draft Plan proposes adding short floodwalls on piers in this area.



Draft Plan - Islais Creek / Bayview

Islais Creek / Bayview

In Islais Creek / Bayview the Draft Plan uses a combination of berms/levees, nature-based features such as creek enhancements, and closure structures for the bridges. In addition, the Draft Plan proposes adding short floodwalls on piers in this area.



Development of the Draft Plan incorporates years of rigorous technical analysis. View and download the full list documents from the Draft Integrated Feasibility Report and Environmental Impact Statement (Draft Report and EIS). 

How Should the Public Provide Feedback?

USACE and the City are seeking public comment on the Draft Plan and Environmental Review through March 29, 2024. There are several ways that you can add a comment!

  • Join USACE and the City for one of several upcoming community workshops being hosted along the
    waterfront. Each meeting will include the same presentation. Comment cards will be available, and a station will be set up to record verbal comments as well. View the schedule of community workshops.
  • Share written comments via email:
  • Share written comments via mail: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Tulsa District ATTN: RPEC-SFWS, 2488
    E81st St., Tulsa, OK 74137
  • Share comments online: via the online form

Explore the Draft Plan Online 

There are more ways to get to know the Draft Plan. Explore the Draft plan online and provide feedback through interactive StoryMaps