Sister Ports

Sister Ports Conference Group Shot

The Port of San Francisco currently has 10 sister port agreements with different ports all over the world. Sister port partnerships allow both parties to share policies and best practices on port planning and building, port management and operations, environmental protection measures, port safety and security, supply chain logistics, and cruise tourism. These partnerships also encourage more trade and business opportunities between the two ports by promoting the economic and commercial benefits of doing business with the sister port. Mostly, sister port relationships are a recognition of a good relationship between ports.


 Sister Port 


 Relations Began 

Sister Port Date 

 Japanese Flag        Osaka  Japan  1957  Thursday, Oct. 26, 1967
 Irish Flag        Cork  Ireland  1964  
 Republic of China Flag      Keelung  Republic of China  1969  Tuesday, Sept. 15, 1992
 Isareli Flag        Haifa  Israel  1973  
 Chinese Flag      Shanghai  China  1979  Monday, June 2, 1980
 Philippines Flag       Manila  Philippines  1961  Friday, Nov. 7, 2014
 French Flag      Le Havre  France  1997  
 Mexican Flag      Acapulco  Mexico  1999  
 Australian Flag     Melbourne  Australia    
 Chilean Flag     Valparaiso  Chile