Waterfront Plan

In April 2023, the Port Commission approved the Final Waterfront Plan. *The Waterfront Plan describes the Port’s long-term goals and policies to guide the use and improvement of Port piers and properties along its 7½ mile waterfront, from Fisherman’s Wharf to India Basin/Bayview.  

The Waterfront Plan was originally adopted in 1997. In 2019, the Waterfront Plan Working Group of citizen and waterfront stakeholders produced comprehensive recommendations to update the Plan approved in 2023. The Waterfront Plan has nine goals and supporting policies, including new direction to promote racial and social equity, and climate change resilience and sustainability which support the detailed work of the Port’s Waterfront Resilience Program.   

*Note: Production of the Final Waterfront Plan is in process and will be posted as soon as possible. Please contact diane.oshima@sfport.com for questions related to final language and policies in the Final Waterfront Plan.  

The Waterfront Plan Environmental Impact Report, as required by the California Environmental Quality Act, has been prepared and must be completed before the Port Commission can approve the Waterfront Plan. The Port also is working with the SF Planning Department and SF Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) to align the updated Waterfront Plan policies with the San Francisco General Plan, and BCDC’s San Francisco Waterfront Special Area Plan.