Maritime Commerce Advisory Committee (MCAC) - November 21, 2019

    Agenda full text

    1. Welcome and Self-Introductions (All)
    2. Maritime Update (Andre Coleman)
    3. Ferry Boat KLAMATH (Bay Area Council)
    4. ILWU (Chris Christensen)
    5. Waterfront Plan Update (Diane Oshima)
    6. Old and New Business; General Discussion; Agenda Topics for Future Meetings (All)
    7. Forward Calendar
    • Next MCAC meeting date in 2020 (third Thursday, every other month):
    Thursday, January 16, 2020
    MCAC meetings are held at Pier 1, unless otherwise noticed, and begin at 11:30am.
    • Port Commission meeting dates prior to next MCAC meeting:
    Tuesday, December 10, 2019
    PC meetings are held in the Ferry Building (2nd floor) and begin at 3:15pm

    Minutes full text
    1 Shannon Alford Port of San Francisco
    2 David Beaupre Port of San Francisco
    3 Joe  Burgard Red &White Fleet
    4 Christoper Christiansen ILWU Local 34
    5 Andre  Coleman Port of San Francisco
    6 Patrick Forrester Port of San Francisco
    7 Patrick Foster Port of San Francisco
    8 Tyler Foster Red &White Fleet
    9 Aaron  Golbus Port of San Francisco
    10 John Grubb Bay Area Council
    11 Ellen Johnck Ellen Joslin Johnck, RPA
    12 Don Kavanagh Port of San Francisco
    13 Scott  Klopf Silverado Contractors
    14 Gordon Loebl Hornblower
    15 Denise  Lum Port of San Francisco
    16 Dominic Moreno Port of San Francisco
    17 Pat   Murphy Blue & Gold Fleet
    18 Mike Nerney Port of San Francisco
    19 Jeff Slusarz USCG
    20 Scott  Thomas San Francisco Water Taxi

    1. Welcome
    • Self-introductions by all present.

    2. Maritime Update (Andre Coleman)
    • Cruise is having a very productive year.  Year-to-date passenger count through October is over 115,000 passengers.  2020 will be our biggest year for the cruise industry at the Port.  This is due to the additional 28 from Carnival Cruise Lines in which the Port of San Francisco will be home port for the Carnival Miracle.                  
    • We will see our highest volumes at Pier 80 this fiscal year.  More production facilities will be opening overseas, which may impact our business here. We continue to stay engaged with PASHA for project cargo opportunities. 
    • At the next Port Commission meeting on December 10, Maritime will be giving an informational presentation on the progress of Pier 80 since Pasha took over the facility in 2016.  The update will be on their production, success, and local hiring of residents in District 10.
    • Commercial crab season will be pushed back to mid-December.  Fish & Wildlife delayed the start of crab season due to the great presence of whales near the Pacific Coast.  Within the next two weeks, another fly-over will take place.
    • We are looking for potential opportunities at the shipyard including, but not limited to, additional lay berthing, excursion expansions, a campus involving maritime education,
    and things we have not traditionally done at the Port.  But the main focus will be on maritime at Pier 70.   
    • Brandon Chapman, Wharfinger, resigned from the Port and is now employed with the Port of Redwood City.
    • Aaron Golbus, Wharfinger, has resigned after 12 years of service with the Port.  He will be working at Silverado Contractors and his last day will be next week.
    • On November 8, we had a sinking vessel at Hyde Street Harbor.  Port staff coordinated a great response to control the situation. This is just a reminder that often times, we may not have eyes on everything, so if you see something, say something. We will circulate the information the best that we can to resolve the issue.

    3. Ferry Boat KLAMATH (Bay Area Council, John Grubb)
    • The Bay Area Council was founded in 1945. They are funded by business communities and focus on solving the most challenging regional issues in the Bay Area.
    • Please see the presentation on the restoration of the historic ferry boat KLAMATH:

    4. ILWU (Local 34, Chris Christiansen)
    • Chris has been on the MCAC committee for 7 years and is 4th generation longshoreman.
    • Please see the presentation on the history of International Longshore and Warehouse Union:

    5. Waterfront Plan Update (David Beaupre)
    • The public comment period has closed. 
    • Diane Oshima will be going through all the public comments the Port has received and categorizing them.
    • Diane Oshima will give an overview on the comments and the next steps towards revising the draft waterfront plan at the December 10 commission meeting.
    • The updated plan will then go through the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) process, required by the California Environmental Quality ACT (CEQA).  It will take anywhere from 12 – 18 months before the Plan can be adopted in its entirety.
    • As part of the CEQA process, BCDC will need to amend their San Francisco Waterfront Special Area Plan to incorporate the recommended policies from the waterfront plan.  Ellen Johnck recommends Port provide the language to BCDC for the amendments to help with the process.

    6. Old and New Business; General Discussion; Agenda Topics for Future Meetings (All)
    • Andre Coleman is on the Seaport Planning Advisory Committee of BCDC.  This planning committee updates cargo forecasts every 10-20 years.  They are responsible for reserving enough land and making the determination on how much land is needed for cargo present day and future use.  The next meeting will be on December 5, 2019.
    • Joe Monroe to present on South Beach Harbor.
    • The Harry Bridges statue is still not built.
    • With the new plant in Berlin being built, Chris is concerned future auto volumes will decrease at Pier 80.
    • There is still concern with the new CARB rules regarding the new At-Berth Regulations effective 2021.  Our cruise business could decline if we are not up to speed.
    • Scott with San Francisco Water Taxi is concerned with how Fort Mason does not allow watercrafts to dock at their facilities.

    7. Forward Calendar
    • Next MCAC meeting – Thursday, January 16, 2020, 11:30-1:00 – Pier 1
    Bayside 1 & 2 Conference Rooms