Maritime Commerce Advisory Committee (MCAC) - March 17, 2022
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    1. Welcome and Self-Introductions (All)
    2. Maritime Update (Andre Coleman)
    3. Briefing on the Waterfront Land Use Plan (WLUP) Draft EIR (Diane Oshima).
    4. Pier 38/40 Project Update (Ellen Johnck)
    5. Old and New Business; General Discussion; Agenda Topics for Future Meetings (All)
    6. Forward Calendar
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    Due to the COVID-19 public health orders, this meeting will be held online and by teleconference.
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    1. Welcome
    • Self-introductions by all present.


    1. Maritime Update (Andre Coleman)
    • Maritime portfolio includes cargo, cruise, shipyard, commercial fishing, and water transportation.  Our goals to enhance the waterfront are:
    • Maximize cargo opportunities at our deep-water cargo terminals
    • Evaluate facilities to support the port’s expanding cruise business
    • Identify maritime opportunities for revitalizing select parcels at the shipyard
    • Preserve and enhance commercial fishing at Fisherman’s Wharf and Hyde Street Harbor
    • Expand the Port’s water transit system and promote water transit along the waterfront


    • The Port’s Retail Fish Sales Program continues to be a success.
    • Ten participants joined the program when it was expanded to selling retail crab.  And of those 10 participants, we expect 2 to 5 will continue with the program in selling retail fish.
    • Salmon season will be opening in April.
    • Last week, we executed an agreement with Pilot Thomas to provide fuel to the fleet. Back in 2020, several areas of seep were emanating from beneath the Hyde Street Pier which caused the temporary closure of the fuel dock.


    • Since the resumption of cruise, things have been going extremely well with the Port agreements in place to address any type of outbreak, or a spike in COVID positive patients.  This was a collaboration with the cruise lines, terminal operators, and Public Health Department.
    • We will be activating Piers 30/32 to accommodate the growth in cruise business.
    • We are expecting approximately 116 calls for the calendar year.


    • Cargo operations remain strong in the dry bulk business.
    • Martin Marietta will be looking to extend their lease, expiring in 2024.
    • At Pier 80, things have been slow.  Our terminal operator, Pasha, expects to see an uptick in Q2.  The uptick should carry over to Q3 and Q4 as well.
    • On March 26, 2022, the Sail GP race will take place in the San Francisco Bay. The Port entered into a license agreement to hold Sail GP’s base camp at Pier 96 south.  This area was previously an inactivated parcel of the waterfront.


    • Fleet Week 2022 initial planning started last week.  The Navy complimented and recognized Port staff for a great in-person event last year.
    • There has been a strong collaboration with our wharfingers, maintenance and repair shop in bringing more research vessels to the Port and activating berths Piers 30/32.
    • The Port is working diligently on submitting applications for grant funding available for infrastructure improvements.
    • MARAD will be solicitating lay berth opportunities. We currently have 2 tenants with lay berth agreements. 
    • Sea Change, formerly known as Merry-go-Round, will be the first ferry powered by hydrogen fuel and batteries.  The vessel, owned by Switch Marine, is scheduled to berth at the shipyard on a short-term agreement.  A press event will be held for the arrival of Sea Change on April 22, 2022.  This date is tied to Earth Day.
    • The first floating fire station in the San Francisco Bay officially opened at Pier 26 on April 22, 2022.
    • Please see the “Catch of the Day” video on Retail Crab Sales by copying and pasting this link:…


    1. Briefing on the Waterfront Land Use Plan (WLUP) Draft EIR (Diane Oshima)
    • The updated Waterfront Land Use Plan gives priority to the maritime industry.
    • The Port and the public are committed to support all the different maritime activities.
    • The WLUP is now in Environmental review stage run by the San Francisco Planning Department.
    • Last month, the draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the WLUP was published for public comments.
    • The public comment period runs from February 23 - April 25, 2022.
    • Comments on whether the EIR is complete or missing anything regarding environmental effects can be sent to the Planning Department.
    • The Planning commission will have a hearing next week and will take verbal comments as well.
    • A walking tour of the southern waterfront’s dry bulk facilities and the construction materials concrete batch plants will be scheduled to engage the public and bring awareness to the maritime front.
    • Information on Waterfront Land Use Plan can be found here:


    1. Water Resilience Program (Wendy Proctor & Steven Reel)
    • J-9 Project –  currently red tagged important to define the goals what a resilience shoreline can look like in the fw lagoon area  how we it better support the industries
    • Ferry Building retro fit project ensure the ferry berths and staging area are functional post-earthquake
    • Interim flood project from Pier 5 to Pier 22 ½ improve flood protection
    • Working with other cities on sea level rise


    1. Old and New Business; General Discussion; Agenda Topics for Future Meetings
    • The Port Greeters will be starting up again after a 2-year hiatus to greet cruise guests on the transit calls.
    • The parking lot at Pier 27 will be reactivated for public parking again.
    • Tideline Marine has started late night service from Tiburon to San Francisco Port properties.
    • The meeting was adjourned in memory of Catharine Hooper.  She was a maritime consultant involved with customs, cruises, and Fleet Week and a member of the MCAC for many years.


    1. Forward Calendar:
    • MCAC meeting dates schedule in 2022 (third Thursday, every other month):

    MCAC meetings are held Virtually, unless otherwise noticed, and begin at 11:30am.

    Due to the COVID-19 public health orders, this meeting will be held online and by teleconference.