Embarcadero SAFE Navigation Center Advisory Group (ESNCAG) - January 25, 2023

Virtual Meeting Via Zoom Link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/84327637792 

Dial-in: (669) 444 9171 

Meeting ID 843 2763 7792 

    Agenda full text


    1. Welcome, Meeting Objectives, and Updates – Rick Dickerson and Alice Rogers, ESNCAG Chair & Vice Chair (5:30pm) 


    2. Operational Updates and Community Q&A – City staff will share data and updates and members of the public are invited to ask questions, raise concerns, and make comments for the Advisory Group to discuss. (5:40pm) 

    Updates from the ESNCAG Inbox – Port staff will share updates from the ESNCAG email inbox. These updates will frame the departmental updates below. 

    Navigation Center Updates – The Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing and Five Keys will present data and updates from the Navigation Center including pit count updates, re-inflation updates and information on a new text line. 

    Police Updates – Captain Martin will share updated police incident data and any other updates from the Safety and Outreach Zone. 

    Please note that times are approximate and agenda items may be taken out of order. 


    EMAIL NOTICE OF ADVISORY GROUP MEETINGS – If you would like to receive e-mail notification of advisory group meetings and receive agendas and meeting notes, sign up here: https://sfport.com/community. For other inquiries please contact ESNCAG@sfgov.org.