Waterfront Resilience Family Activities and Learning

As part of its community engagement, the Waterfront Resilience Program knows how important it is to connect with Bay Area youth and their families. Today's youth will be the future stewards of the waterfront!

Explore the waterfront with the activities below and get to know more about how the Waterfront Resilience Program is working toward creating a safe waterfront for the future. 


Color the Waterfront

  1. Download and print individual pages from the Waterfront Coloring Book - check out the Port Mad Libs and mazes too!
  2. Share your artwork with us on social media by tagging the Port.

Video Corner 

Partner Resources

The Port is so fortunate to have fantastic partners like the Exploratorium, Aquarium of the Bay, and California Academy of Sciences. Check out some of their resilience-related online activities and visit their websites for additional content: