Waterfront Land Use Plan

The Waterfront Land Use Plan (WLUP) was initially adopted by the Port Commission in 1997, defining acceptable uses, policies, and land use information applicable to all properties under the Commission's jurisdiction. Developed through a lengthy public planning process, the Waterfront Plan has enabled the Port Commission, the City, and the community to jointly define locations for new public-private partnership projects, coordinated with major public open space, maritime, and historic preservation improvements along the waterfront.

To enable waterfront revitalization, the Port continues to work closely with the San Francisco Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors, the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC), and the State Lands Commission to align the various land use plans and policies held by each entity. Port projects must comply not only with the Waterfront Plan, but must also follow adopted plans of the Planning Commission and BCDC and undergo public trust review by the State Lands Commission. This is important in order to minimize confusion between agencies and streamline the entitlement process for individual projects.

Waterfront Design and Access Element

The Design and Access Element sets forth policies and site-specific design criteria to direct the location and types of public access and open spaces, public view corridors, urban design and architectural form, and preservation of historic resources along San Francisco's waterfront.

Summary of the Waterfront Land Use Plan

Waterfront Land Use Plan Review Documents


Waterfront Land Use Plan Chapters (PDF format)

Hard copies of the Waterfront Land Use Plan are available for $20, and the Waterfront Design and Access Element for $15. Payment may be made by cash or check, made payable to the Port of San Francisco, and sent with a written request for the desired documents to:

Port of San Francisco
Pier 1
San Francisco, CA 94111
Attn: April Shaw

If you would like more information about the Port's waterfront planning process, please call the Port's Planning and Development Division at (415) 274-0526.