Contracting with Small Businesses

Port contracts are a great opportunity for small businesses of all types to engage and partner on waterfront development. Contracts regularly include needs for engineering, environmental, and real estate professional services, construction trades, and general service providers.

The Port strives to promote diversity in contract opportunities and uplift communities that have been historically disadvantaged. We seek to connect local, small, and historically underutilized businesses to resources and opportunities by providing equitable and diverse solutions to Port businesses, contractors, and consultants. 


"Small businesses are the backbone of the City's economy and they contribute hundreds of millions of dollars to our local economy." 

- Elaine Forbes, Port Director




                                                                            2023 Contract Open House Recap


The Port of San Francisco's Contract Open House is a great opportunity for small and large businesses to meet and network and learn about upcoming contract opportunities.  To stay connected to what's happening at the Port and to ensure you don't miss next year's event, register HERE

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