Pier 70 28-Acre Site

Project type:
Historic Rehabilitation
Open Space

Project Schedule

2010 Pier 70 Master Plan Approved  | 2010 RFQ  | 2011 Exclusive Negotiation Agreement  |  2013 Term Sheet  |  2014 Prop F (Pier 70 Redevelopment) Ballot Measure  | 2017 Final EIR, Transaction Documents, Project Entitlements  |  2018 Phase 1 Design & Permitting  |  2019 Start Construction

Project Summary

The Pier 70 28-Acre site is subject to a Disposition and Development Agreement between FC Pier 70, an affiliate of Brookfield Properties, and the Port. The 28-acre site is located within the larger 69-acre Pier 70 area of the Central Waterfront, which contains multiple development opportunities. The Pier 70 28-acre site will be a new mixed-used neighborhood consisting of: 

  • 6.5 acres of waterfront and upland parks 
  • 1,100 - 2,150 residential units, 320+ (30%) affordable to low and middle income individuals and families located on site  
  • Sea level rise adaptation features
  • Rehabilitation of three historic buildings
  • 90,000 sq. ft. arts facility & replacement studio space for Noonan Building artists
  • Two 50-seat childcare facilities on-site
  • Job preservation and creation (Local Hire, LBE and First Source)
Project Manager
Christine Maher