Crane Cove Park Project Information

Project type:
Historic Rehabilitation
Open Space


2011 Request for Proposals  |  2011 Authorization to Award Master Planning and Design
2016 Authorization to Award Site Preparation Contract  |  2016 Notice to Proceed  |  2017 Site Preparation Complete |
2019 Hazardous Materials Abatement Completed | 2020 Project Completed

Crane Cove Park will be a major new open space along the currently inaccessible former industrial shoreline. The park will be a part of the Blue Greenway, a necklace of waterfront public access connecting the City to the shore via pathways, parks and open spaces. This project supports the goals of the Port’s Strategic Plan as follows:

  • Renewal: The Park will be a major new public open space that preserves historic maritime resources, provides public access and recreation opportunities to the Bay, contributes to a vibrant new Pier 70 neighborhood, and expands the Port’s necklace of public open spaces.
  • Livability: The Project promotes living wage jobs by providing opportunity for local business enterprises (LBE’s) and by meeting mandates for Local Hire in construction projects.
  • Resiliency: The Park is designed for 50 years of predicted Sea Level Rise and safety in major earthquakes.
  • Sustainability: Park design and construction include best management practices for storm water management, water efficient landscaping, and energy efficient lighting.