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Under the Burton Act and the Charter of the City and County of San Francisco, the Port Commission has responsibility for governing metered parking within the Port’s jurisdiction. This page will help you find parking locations, hours, and rates.  You will also find information on special event parking and resources for resolving parking related issues on Port property.


Hours of Operation:

Port parking meters operate 7 days a week from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm. After 7:00 pm, rates are reduced to $0.50/hour. The Port currently recognizes the following one-day parking holidays:

2018 Holiday Schedule

  • New Year's Day, January 1, 2018
  • Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2018
  • Christmas Day, December 25, 2018


For a .pdf map of Port property, click on this link: Port Strip Map

SFMTA and Port Partnership:

In 2009, the Port partnered with SFMTA to improve parking management throughout the City. Together, the SFMTA and Port are implementing innovative strategies to better the parking experience, increase parking availability, and reduce congestion. Through the SFMTA’s SFpark, the Port realizes improved parking management, such as demand-based pricing and special event parking. For more information on the Port and SFpark parking program, please visit


PDF iconPort Harbor Traffic Code - Regulating use of Port lands and streets

The Port enforces parking regulations through the SFMTA. If you receive a citation on Port property, please contact the SFMTA:

SFMTA Citation Division
attn: Correspondence Department
11 South Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94103


If your vehicle is towed, visit the AutoReturn offices at 450 7th Street, San Francisco, CA. You may also call 415-865-8200 or visit or for more information. 


Broken Meters:

To report a broken meter, please call 311 or visit: or

Temporary Signs:

To Dedicate Parking Stalls for Moving, Filming, or other Special Events:

Special events include street fairs, races, parades, demonstrations, film projects, sporting events, moving, hotel/restaurant parking, tour buses, funerals, etc. To apply for temporary no parking signs for a Special Event, call the 311 Customer Service Center and let them know you want to apply for Temporary Signage on Port Property. Your application must be submitted at least 15 calendar days in advance of the start date of enforcement for the no parking zone:

First, you should research if your request falls under the jurisdiction of the Port of San Francisco. For your convenience, these drawings show streets for which a Port application is required. For your application to be approved the Port requires that you include the eight-digit numbers for all parking meters that would be blocked off; Please use These Maps & This List to ensure your request is located on Port Property.

*NOTE: Applications that do not meet the above requirement will be denied*

Call 3-1-1 in San Francisco, or call 415-701-2311 outside of San Francisco.


To Dedicate Parking Stalls for Construction:


Please submit Temporary No-Stopping Sign applications for Construction directly to the Port of San Francisco. If you are interested in temporary signs on Port property, select a temporary sign application below and submit your application 15 Calendar days in advance. Construction companies are responsible for obtaining from the Port temporary signs for construction projects.  If you are a construction company applying for temporary signs, be sure you receive Port approval.This permit is separate from any other permit required. 

First, you should research if your request falls under the jurisdiction of the Port of San Francisco.  For your convenience, these drawings show streets for which a Port application is required.  If you cannot find a specific street, you may likely need to apply through SFMTA by calling 311. 

You are strongly encouraged to physically verify the location and submit photographs.

Submit your application (PDF) to: or FAX: 415-544-1703.  Only Port authorized signs are permitted.  Violators will be cited, which may result in potential delays to construction.

These drawings are meant to aid you with your request: Port Parking Meter Drawings by Block

Mission Bay Announcements:

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