Hyde Street Harbor Rules & Regulations



  1. All vessel owners/operators berthing atHyde Street Harbor must register their vessels with the Fisherman's Wharf harbor office on Pier 47. If the harbor office is closed, please complete the vessel registration form and deposit it in the harbor office door mail slot. Failure to register a vessel berthed at the Port of San Francisco is a violation of Port Tariff Item 820.
  2. Persons registering a vessel with the Port of San Francisco must provide the Wharfinger with valid identification and current vessel registration or documentation.
  3. Transient vessel dockage fees are payable in advance.
  4. It is unlawful to depart without paying all fees due.
  5. Transient charter vessels may not pick up or drop off passengers at Hyde Street Harbor.
  6. The harbormaster may move vessels at any time for the needs and operations of the Harbor.
  7. The harbor is a NO WAKE ZONE. No vessel is to exceed 5 mph.
  8. No person shall discharge human waste, fish parts, garbage, or any liquid wastes, including bilge water, gray water and sewage into the waters of the harbor.
  9. Fueling of any vessel or motor, except at the fuel dock is prohibited.
  10. Maintenance of vessels must be done within the confines of the vessel.
  11. Spray painting or sanding the exterior of a boat is prohibited.
  12. No advertising, soliciting or sales are permitted on transient vessels.
  13. No fishing or swimming in the harbor.
  14. Feeding or harassment of sea lions, birds and other wildlife is unlawful.
  15. Dogs must be leashed to and from vessels. No pet waste is to be discharged into the water of the harbor.