Maritime Commerce Advisory Committee (MCAC) - January 19, 2023

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    1. Welcome and Self-Introductions (All)
    2. Maritime Update (Andre Coleman)
    3. CalSTA Grant Update (Boris Delepine)
    4. Early Winter Storm Response (Dominic Moreno)
    5. Old and New Business; General Discussion; Agenda Topics for Future Meetings (All)
    6. Forward Calendar
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    March 16, May 18, July 20, September 21, November 16
    MCAC meetings are held hybrid (in person and virtually) until further notice.
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    1.    Welcome 
    •    Self-introductions by all present.

    2.    Maritime Update (Andre Coleman)
    •    Zac Adami, our newest wharfinger, joined the maritime team shortly over 1 month ago.
    •    Demetri Amaro and Charles Labitan has joined the maritime team as maritime marketing in business development.  
    •    Commercial crab season opened on December 31st. Live retail crab sales has been made permanent and going strong. Retail fish and crab sales have been extended to the fish processors as well.
    •    We are working closely with PUC and PGE to address the issues the recent storms have caused in the southern waterfront.
    •    We had 2 spot vessels in December so our auto numbers should go up slightly in December.  We continue to pursue business at Pier 80 facility for import auto operations. 
    •    We are currently in on-going discussions for a new lease with Lehigh Hanson/Martin Marietta, the aggregate operators at Pier 94.
    •    Cruise is looking strong for 2023 season.
    •    2022 had 113 calls which is our highest ever, with over 325k passengers.
    •    The Port is still challenged with only having 1 electrified berth.  
    •    After 10 years, Piers 30/32 was reactivated in 2022 and hosted 2 cruise calls.  For 2023, we are scheduled to have 8-10 cruise calls at Piers 30/32.
    •    Due to the CARB At Berth Regulation which requires 100% plug-in beginning January 01, we will utilize Pier 35 and 30/32 as they allow 19 exemptions for
        non-electrified facilities.
    •    We are still trying to identify a secondary facility which would be suitable for bringing power to a berth by performing electrification analysis.
    •    American Cruise Lines will have 4 pilot cruises sailing out of Pier 45 beginning in February-March 2023.
    •    The new lease for the Jeremiah O’Brien to relocate to the North side of Pier 35 will go before the commission for approval this Tuesday. With Pier 45 open, this may bring in opportunities for more river cruises and berthing for larger commercial fishing vessels. 
    •    We hope to start dredging South Beach Harbor as soon as possible as this harbor has not been dredged for over 20 years.
    •    We are working with the Office of Contract Administration to understand the mechanism of moving through the process of selling the drydocks.
    •    Offshore wind discussions are ongoing with CAPA and other groups as well.

    3.    Cal-STA Grant Update (Boris Delepine)
    •    Governor Newsom signed an executive order to fund 1.2 billion to The Port and Freight Infrastructure Program in response to the supply chain issue. 
    •    The grants will be rewarded in March; and the funding will be doled out over a 
        2-year period.
    •    This is a generational opportunity to infuse money to our Southern waterfront. 
    •    As this is the first time the funds are Port specific, we are doing a planning study to understand how we can best position ourselves to go after some of this money. 
    •    For more information, please view the presentation under supporting documents.

    4.    Early Winter Storm Response (Dominic Moreno)
    •    Since the beginning of this year, Port maintenance and City agencies have worked around the clock to respond to storm related issues.
    •    Luckily, the storm stopped just in time for New Year's Eve firework activities which brought in approximately 35,000 people.
    •    The group discussed the impacts of the storm including roof failure, drainage, flooding in the office, flooded streets, cancellations of bay cruises, and electrical malfunction. 
    •    Mayor London Breed addresses the storm via Twitter:
    •    Below is information from Department of Emergency regarding the storm:
        Citywide Recovery 
    •    Citywide Clean Up Efforts (Public Works, SFPUC, 311) 
    o    Since December 31, 2022, San Francisco has experienced flooding, mudslides, and power outages that have impacted local streets, public buildings and infrastructure, residences, businesses, and community facilities.  In response to storm-related impacts, the City has received more than 3,600 storm-related 311 service requests including nearly 1,500 requests for flooding and 1,200 requests for tree maintenance.  
    o    Strike Teams and service crews are responding to 3-1-1 reports and service requests, and 
    o    Highly specialized equipment like our Vaccon and Harbens trucks that deep clean and clear any debris from our storm drains are being utilized. 
    o    Our crews are working hard to move quickly through all storm drain and service requests. 
    o    San Francisco’s Adopt-A-Drain Program highlights 
        25,000+ storm drains throughout San Francisco 
        To date: 6000+ drains have been adopted by 4250+ people 
    •    Since Wednesday 1/4/23, we've added 1630+ new people to the program (new drain adopters) 
    •    Since Wednesday 1/4/23, nearly 2,000 new drains have been adopted (1,900 in one week) 
    o    Wednesday 1/4/23 = 4,105 drains were adopted 
    o    Today 1/1/23 = 6,005 drains adopted and counting 
        ***Since New Year’s Eve, 2,460 new drains have been adopted. 
    •    Cost Recovery Efforts (CON) 
    o    On January 9, 2023, Mayor London N. Breed issued a Local Proclamation of Emergency in San Francisco due to multiple winter storms, which began on New Year’s Eve. The proclamation is one of the steps San Francisco must take in order to recover storm-related costs from the state and federal governments. 
    o    The State of California proclaimed a state of emergency on January 4, 2023. On January 9, 2023, President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. approved the State’s request for federal declaration of emergency. The President’s action authorizes the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to coordinate all federal disaster relief efforts, including Direct Federal Assistance under the Public Assistance program which will be provided at no less than 75 percent Federal cost share.    
    o    The Emergency Operations Center is working with the San Francisco Controller’s Office to track and assess San Francisco’s costs and damages from the on-going series of winter storms.  

    5.    Old and New Business; General Discussion
    •    Sail GP, an international sailing event, will be back in April for the championship. In March, we will have a presentation on this event.  
    •    Chris Christiansen advised the ILWU International Offices has a committee set up for offshore wind.  Sean Farley, the President of ILWU 34 is one of the committee members and Chris requested Sean be included in the ongoing discussions.
    •    We need to identify more beneficial use sites for dredging to bring the cost down.  As of now, there are only 2-3 sites.
    •    SF Bar Pilots will be accepting a delivery of a new pilot vessel at the end of the 1st quarter.  Improvements will be made on the north side to accommodate the new boat. Within the next 5 years, all the pilot boats will be replaced due to the new CARB regulations.

    6.    Forward Calendar:
    •    MCAC meeting dates schedule in 2023 (third Thursday, every other month):
        MCAC meetings are held in person and virtually, unless otherwise noticed, and begin at 11:30am.
        Due to the COVID-19 public health orders, this meeting will be held online and by teleconference.


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