McCovey Cove Safe Boating Regulations


Safety Guidelines for McCovey CoveMcCovey Cove · Safe Boating

1) For kayaks, canoes and rafts within 
    the “No Motor Zone”:
    •    Only human propelled vessels are

         allowed within this zone.
    •    Vessels less than 16 ft long, and all 
         canoes & kayaks, regardless of length, 
         MUST have at least one life jacket 
         for every person aboard

         Vessels over 16 ft (except canoes and
         kayaks), must also have a Type IV 
         throwable flotation device.
    •    Navigation lights are required between 
         sunset and sunrise. Vessels under 
         23 feet MUST have at least a flashlight 
         or lighted  lantern with which to signal 
         to avoid collision, and to indicate distress.
    •    For further information see
2) For motorized boats outside of this zone, within McCovey Cove:
    •    No wake
    •    Minimum way
    •    No overnight anchoring
    •    Vessels may arrive and anchor up to 2 hours before the game starts, 
         and must depart soon after it ends.
    •    Vessels must stay clear of the ferry landings, and not obstruct their routes.
    •    See for size specific vessel equipment regulations and 
         an explanation of the Rules of the Waterways.
All vessels must follow the Rules of the Road and obey the California boating laws.