South Beach Harbor FAQs

Do you offer WiFi service?

  • No.

How do I check in when the office is closed?

  • Standard Harbor office hours are from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM seven days a week. You can contact security at 415.608.1951 after 5:00 PM for assistance and guest keys after office hours. You can also reserve parking passes in advance. Office staff can leave the pre-paid items with security for your afterhours arrival/pickup.

How do I calculate overnight fees?

  • For boats under 70 feet in overall length, the rate is $1.25 per foot per night (minimum charge of $35). For boats 70 feet in length and above, the rate is $2.50 per foot, per night.

How do I get to Pier 39?

  • A common misconception ─ Pier 39 is not right next to Pier 40 ─ it’s about three miles away. Even-numbered piers are south of the Ferry Building (at the foot of Market Street) and odd-numbered piers are located to the north.

Where is the closest place to obtain gas for my boat?

  • You have several choices: in San Francisco, fuel is available at Gashouse Cove near Fort Mason. Alternatively, you can take a short trip across the Bay to Jack London Square Marina in Oakland or Ballena Isle Marina in Alameda. Berkeley, Emeryville and Sausalito also have fuel docks.

Does the harbor allow “liveaboards”?

  • NO. The State of California does not allow South Beach Harbor's permits to accommodate liveaboards. However, guests (transient) boaters can stay in the Harbor and on their boats for up to two weeks and permanent berth holders can spend up to 72 hours on their boats in a week, as long as it is not a recurring situation (no “apartments in the City,” for example).

How long is the waitlist? How long will I wait to be offered a berth?

  • It depends. 30′ and 34′ berths are more frequently available. Generally, the larger the slip, the longer the wait time before offers are offered. It all depends on when berth holders vacate the slip and where you are on the waitlist. You can also visit the South Beach Harbor waitlist webpage for the current waitlist.

How do I get on the waitlist?

  • The waitlist is open at the Harbormaster’s discretion. If you are interested, the harbormaster’s office has a standby waitlist. Please provide your name, phone #, and email to When the official waitlist is open, staff will notify the standby waitlist of their status.

If I purchase a vessel currently berthed at South Beach Harbor, do I also keep the slip?

  • No. The berthing license automatically terminates upon the sale of a boat.

Does South Beach Harbor have a public boat ramp/launch?

  • South Beach Harbor does not have a boat launch, but one is available at Pier 52, near the Bay View Boat Club. The street address is 489 Terry Francois Boulevard, which is about half a mile south of South Beach Harbor. The facilities and parking at Pier 52 are not managed by South Beach Harbor.

Is parking available at South Beach Harbor?

  • The South Beach Harbor parking lots are private parking lots. Unauthorized  vehicles are subject to ticketing and/or towing.
  • Permanent berth holders are eligible to receive one (1) annual parking permit for their use while on their boats at no extra charge. Permanent berth holders, while using their boats, may obtain daily parking passes (subject to availability) for $10. On game day(s) and event day(s), daily parking passes are limited to one (1) per berth holder (subject to availability).
  • Transient guest slip holders may purchase a temporary parking pass (subject to availability) for $20 per day. Game day and event day parking are generally not available.
  • Charter and/or guest attending events in the vicinity, should not assume they can park in the private South Beach Harbor parking lots. Unauthorized vehicles are subject to ticketing and/or towing.
  • Unauthorized vehicles without a VALID AND VISABLE South Beach Harbor parking tag/pass/permit are subject to ticketing and/or towing at the owner’s  expense.
  • IF your vehicle has been towed, please contact: Golden Gate Tow Inc. 415.508.5604 OR 1.888.358.0294.

What guest services does the harbor provide?

  • For our transient guest slip holders, we proved key cards to access our showers, restrooms, and laundry (coin operated).

Emergency Vessel Towing

  • Limited to South Beach Harbor Berth Holders. Harbor staff can be contacted via telephone: 1.415.495.4911 or via VHF 16 from 8:30 am to 5 pm. Berth holders can request a tow if they are within 100 yards of the harbor. If the vessel is navigable by sail, we ask that the vessel be brought to the entrance of the harbor. All requests will be responded to with due consideration of current sea conditions, safety, and the availability of Harbor staff. Charges may apply.
  • South Beach Harbor DOES NOT provide vessel towing services that are not associated with South Beach Harbor berth holders. Request for towing are based on staff availability, equipment availability, and distance.