South Beach Harbor Environmental Services

Waste Oil Recycling

  • Limited to uncontaminated engine, transmission, and lube oil
  • Contact Harbormaster's office for assistance 415.495.4911 (for after hours, call Harbor Security at 415.608.1951)

Miscellaneous Hazardous Materials (Batteries, Oil Filters and Gasoline)

  • Call Harbormaster's office to arrange drop-off of used batteries at Pier 40
  • Used oil filters and bilge pads are accepted for recycling
  • Small amounts of gasoline (less than one gallon) at $3 per container (must be sealed and labeled). Note that we will not be able to return the gasoline container
  • We are unable to accept larger quantities of gasoline, or coolants, brake fluid, carburetor cleaners, chlorinated products, solvents or parts. For these and all other hazardous materials call 415.554.4333 or visit

Vessel Sewage Discharge

  • PUMPOUT station located at the end of the South Guest Dock. If the pumpout station is out of service, apps such as “Pumpout Nav - Marina Pumpout Finder” should be able to assist in finding the nearest pumpout station.