Safe Boating Regulations for McCovey Cove

Safety Guidelines for McCovey Cove

For kayaks, canoes and rafts within the “No Motor Zone”:

  • Only human propelled vessels are allowed within this zone.
  • Vessels less than 16 ft long, and all canoes & kayaks, regardless of length, MUST have at least one life jacket for every person aboard. Vessels over 16 ft (except canoes and kayaks), must also have a Type IV throwable flotation device.
  • Navigation lights are required between sunset and sunrise. Vessels under 23 feet MUST have at least a flashlight or lighted lantern with which to signal to avoid collision, and to indicate distress. 

For motorized boats outside of this zone, within McCovey Cove:

  • No wake
  • Minimum way
  • No overnight anchoring
  • Vessels may arrive and anchor up to 2 hours before the game starts and must depart soon after it ends.
  • Vessels must stay clear of the ferry landings and not obstruct their routes.

All vessels must follow guidelines and obey California boating laws.