Hyde Street Harbor

Welcome to Hyde Street Commercial Fishing Harbor. Opened in June 2001, Hyde Street Harbor was built to accommodate the seasonal fishing fleets that deliver herring, salmon and crab to the fish processors at Pier 45. Commercial fishing vessels will always have top priority for berths at Hyde Street Harbor, but recreational vessels are welcome for up to 10 days a month when space is available.



Hyde Street Harbor Rules & Regulations

Berthing Applications:

Commercial Transient Vessel Registration form



Transient Vessel Rates

Commercial Fishing Vessels $.57 ft/day plus 10% environmental surcharge

Recreational Vessels $2.18 ft/day plus 10% environmental surcharge



Contact Information

Harbor Office 415-274-0533 Fax 415-274-0628

Port of San Francisco 415-274-0400 (24 hr)

San Francisco Police Department Marine Unit 415-409-1020

U.S. Coast Guard Sector San Francisco 415-399-3451



Hyde Street Harbor is primarily a commercial fishing harbor - children should be closely supervised at all times.
Never allow children to play on or around the fishing boats.


Be aware of the wind and tides when docking at Hyde Street Harbor.

Typical summer afternoons have a strong westerly breeze at Hyde Street Harbor, and flood tide currents flow in a westerly direction.
Take extra caution when wind and tidal currents are working together at Hyde Street Harbor.