Executive Team

Elaine Forbes
Byron A. Rhett
Thomas Carter
Peter A. Dailey
Rod Iwashita
Michael J. Martin
Diane Oshima
Katie Petrucione
Brad Benson
Renée Dunn Martin
Amy Quesada


Executive Leadership

Image of Elaine ForbesExecutive Director 
Elaine Forbes

Mrs. Forbes leads the Port to responsibly manage the waterfront as the gateway to a world-class city and advances environmentally and financially sustainable maritime, recreational, and economic opportunities to serve the City, Bay Area region, and California.

At the recommendation of the Port Commission, Mayor Edwin Lee appointed Elaine Forbes Executive Director of the Port on October 12, 2016. Forbes is one of eight women Port Directors in the United States.  Before her appointment as Executive Director, she served as Deputy Director for Finance and Administration for the Port for six years.

Prior to joining the Port, Mrs. Forbes held executive management and leadership positions at both the San Francisco Planning Department and the San Francisco International Airport. She also worked for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors Budget Analyst’s Office providing fiscal and policy analysis and evaluating and reporting on complex municipal issues.

Before beginning her tenure with the City and County of San Francisco in 2000, she worked as a redevelopment agency planner for the City of Oakland. She also has worked for several non-profit land use policy and economic development organizations including the Urban Strategies Council and the California Budget Project.

Mrs. Forbes holds a Master’s degree with honors from the University of California, Los Angeles in Community and Economic Development, as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors from Mills College in Oakland. Mrs. Forbes is also a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society. She was born in San Francisco and resides in the Castro neighborhood with her partner.

Image of Byron Rhett

Chief Operating Officer
Byron A. Rhett

Byron A. Rhett is the Chief Operating Officer and directs the Port’s Maritime, Real Estate and Development divisions.  As COO, he manages day-to-day operations and strategic leasing of the over 20 million square feet of port real estate assets.

Before being appointed COO, Mr. Rhett was Deputy Director of Planning and Development for the Port.  He was responsible for overseeing all planning and development activities at the Port, including the implementation of large scale, mixed-use commercial, recreational and industrial projects.  He managed planning, design and implementation of an estimated $1 billion in waterfront projects, including the restoration of the historic Ferry Building and the Exploratorium at Piers 15-17.

Prior to joining the Port, Mr. Rhett was a senior project manager for the Redevelopment Agency managing the Hunters Point Shipyard project and nearby Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood development projects as well as the Western Addition A-1 and A-2 projects.  Previously, he worked as a planner for the City of Newark, New Jersey, the Newark Watershed Conservation and Development Corporation and Special Assistant to the City Manager of Kansas City, Missouri.

Mr. Rhett holds a Bachelor Degree in Urban Planning and Design from the University of Cincinnati and is a National Urban Fellow at Occidental College.  He resides in San Francisco with his wife and their two sons.

Deputy Directors

Tom Carter

Deputy Director, Maintenance
Thomas Carter

Tom Carter joined the Port of San Francisco's executive team in December 2004 as Deputy Director, Maintenance. He is responsible for directing and managing maintenance services for approximately 20 million square feet of Port facilities along 7.5 miles of waterfront property. He provides the overall evaluation, direction, planning and management of services for the Port's Maintenance Division. The Maintenance Division, the largest Port Division, has a staff of over 100 personnel representing 19 skilled crafts, including carpenters, divers, electricians, gardeners, pile drivers, roofers, plumbers, laborers and others.

Mr. Carter has over twenty years of public sector operations experience. Prior to joining the Port in 2004, Mr. Carter held various key operation positions for the Department of Public Works and the Department of Parking and Traffic.

Mr. Carter studied Business Administration at the University of Southern Maine.

Peter A. Dailey

Deputy Director, Maritime
Peter A. Dailey

A thirty year  Port of San Francisco veteran, Mr. Dailey currently serves as Deputy Director, Maritime and is responsible for managing and marketing one of the most varied maritime business portfolios of any Port in the United States including cargo and cruise shipping, ship repair, ferry/excursion boats, Foreign Trade Zones, harbor services and commercial fishing and marinas.

Under his direction, the port has diversified and expanded its maritime business portfolio and directs a staff that is responsible for over 7 million square feet of maritime industrial land and piers, marine terminals and marinas.

Notable achievements have been the successful establishment bulk and roll-on-roll off  cargo terminals, a major expansion of Por’s floating dry-dock in  to handle post-panamax vessels;  served as project sponsor for the design and construction of the James R. Herman International Cruise Terminal at Pier 27  including the  installation of California's first shore power facilities for cruise ships; expansion of Foreign Trade Zone to enhance regional economic benefits and expansion of Port ferry terminals.

Prior to his current position, Mr. Dailey was senior marketing executive at the Port responsible for public relations and public affairs, strategic marketing and press relations. He is  a member of the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission's Seaport Planning Advisory Committee, current Chairman of the American Association of Port Authority Cruise Committee and serves as a member  California Association of Port Authority's Advisory Committee, Board of Director of the San Francisco Bay Marine Exchange.  He also serves as a Director of the St. Mary's College East Bay Scholarship Committee.  He received his undergraduate degrees in Economics and Business Administration at St. Mary's College and a M.B.A. in Marketing from Golden Gate University.

Rod IwashitaChief Harbor Engineer
Rod Iwashita

Rod K. Iwashita is the Chief Harbor Engineer for the Port of San Francisco.

Mr. Iwashita is responsible for developing, planning and directing the work of the Port’s Engineering Division, which oversees several major functions including building and encroachment permits, engineering and architectural design, facilities assessment, construction management, and project management.  He manages more than 25 employees.  Additionally, he is responsible for developing regulatory procedures, overseeing Port plan checking and inspection and providing building code interpretations.

Mr. Iwashita is an experienced engineering manager and marine structures engineer. He has extensive expertise in seismic analysis and retrofit design of piers and wharves, development of waterfront sites and inspection and rehabilitation of marine structures.  He is an active member of the American Society of Civil Engineers standards committee for the seismic design of piers and wharves, ASCE 61, a standard first published in 2014.  Prior to joining the Port, Mr. Iwashita served as a Supervisory Engineer with Moffatt & Nichol, a global infrastructure advisory firm, since 1995.  In this capacity, he was responsible for supervising structural engineers; project development and management with an emphasis on structural and seismic engineering of piers and wharves; inspection and rehabilitation of structures; mooring and berthing analyses and advanced structural analysis.  Mr. Iwashita holds a Master of Science and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California, Berkeley.

Michael Martin

Deputy Director, Real Estate & Development
Michael J. Martin

Michael Martin is responsible for the strategic oversight of the Port’s diverse portfolio of real estate assets and development along the 7½ miles of San Francisco’s waterfront that extends from Fisherman’s Wharf to Bayview/Hunters Point. He manages all aspects of the Port’s property, multi-tenanted portfolio of commercial, industrial, and retail properties and provides high-level direction on strategic real estate and development initiatives, goals and objectives.

Mr. Martin has worked for the City and County of San Francisco for 15 years. Prior to this appointment at the Port, he worked for the Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD) since 2011. During his tenure with OEWD, he has overseen complex development projects including the Mission Rock and Pier 48, the Southern Bayfront Strategy and the 34th America’s Cup Regatta on San Francisco Bay. His efforts in these projects helped to generate revenue for the Port and the City, increased jobs and housing for San Francisco residents and fostered collaboration with various San Francisco communities to ensure successful projects for their neighborhoods and the City.

Before his employment at the Office of Economic and Workforce Development, he held management positions at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and served as lead public finance deputy in the City Attorney’s Office. Prior to his tenure with the City, Mr. Martin worked in the private sector for law firms focusing on real estate asset management negotiations and municipal financing transactions from 1998 to 2002.  Martin holds a Juris Doctor degree (with honors) from The George Washington University Law School in Washington D.C., and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics (Magna Cum Laude) from the University of Notre Dame in Notre Dame, Indiana.

Diane Oshima

Deputy Director, Planning & Environment
Diane Oshima

Diane Oshima is the Deputy Director of Planning & Environment for the Port of San Francisco. She began her career with the Port in 1998. 

Ms. Oshima and her team is responsible for managing land use planning and policy for Port facilities that support ten maritime industries and a diverse mix of industrial, commercial, recreational and public activities which together have created a vibrant urban waterfront. Her team has expertise in historic preservation, environmental protection and sustainability, waterfront urban design and open space planning, implementation and regulatory compliance. She oversees 20 employees.

Before joining the Port of San Francisco, Ms. Oshima worked for the San Francisco Planning Department for 17 years and oversaw many development, area plan and policy projects, that involved multiple City and public agencies.  Ms. Oshima has devoted her career to urban planning in San Francisco and enjoys collaborating with community stakeholders and government partners to achieve great things for San Francisco and its spectacular waterfront. Ms. Oshima has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Katie Petrucione

Chief Financial Officer
Katie Petrucione

Katie Petrucione is the Chief Financial Officer of the Port of San Francisco. She is responsible for managing the finance and administrative functions of the Port including human resources, information technology, building services, accounting and finance and oversees 40 employees.

Mrs. Petrucione has worked for the City and County of San Francisco for 17 years. She worked for the Recreation and Park Department from 2004 until 2017, completing 13 budgets during her time with the Department. Under Mrs. Petrucione's leadership, the Recreation and Park Department crafted Proposition B, a Charter Amendment which provides a funding baseline for the Department and allows at least $15 million in annual funding to address deferred maintenance in San Francisco parks. Prior to her employment at the Recreation and Park Department, she held positions in the Mayor’s Office of Finance and Legislative Affairs and in the Office of the Honorable Barbara Kaufman, a member of the Board of Supervisors. Before her tenure with the City, Mrs. Petrucione worked in the private sector for three research firms from 1991 to 1997. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Pomona College and a Master of Public Affairs degree from the University of Texas.

Executive Staff

Director of Special Projects Brad Benson

Director of Special Projects 
Brad Benson

Brad Benson joined the Port of San Francisco in 2005. As Director Special Projects, Mr. Benson oversees the Port's local, state and federal legislative program and preparation of the Port's Ten Year Capital Plan. He developed the state legislation that guides the Port's major development projects at Pier 70 and Seawall Lot 337 and the state and local legislation that allows the Port to form infrastructure financing district on Port property. He specializes in the public trust for commerce, navigation and fisheries and regulations that govern waterfront development.

From 2010-13, Mr. Benson served as the Port's project manager for the 34th America's Cup. He currently serves as the Port's Pier 70 Waterfront Site Project Director overseeing a new proposed transit-oriented, Type 1 Eco-District neighborhood at the foot of Potrero Hill on the City's eastern waterfront and manages the Port's role in the Golden State Warriors Piers 30-32 Multi-Purpose Event Pavillion project.

Prior to joining the Port, Mr. Benson served as the Honorable Tom Ammiano's legislative aide from 1997-2005. He worked with constituents and City staff to write legislation, staffed San Francisco Board of Supervisors meetings and committees, and managed day-to-day Board affairs during Supervisor Ammiano's terms as Board President.

Before joining City government, Mr. Benson worked as a recycling and composting consultant and was active in local environmental campaigns.

Renee MartinCommunications Director
Renée Dunn Martin

Renée Dunn Martin is the Communications Director for the Port of San Francisco. She is responsible for the overall communications activities within the Port including media relations, marketing, community outreach and special events. Ms. Martin has managed the Communications Department for the Port since 1997.

Ms. Martin is a communications professional with more than twenty-five years of combined corporate and agency public relations experience in the Bay Area. Prior to working for the Port of San Francisco, she owned her own communications consulting business-- Dunn & Associates Public Relations.

Ms. Martin is a native San Franciscan and she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio & Television Broadcast Communications from San Francisco State University.

Picture of Amy Quesada

Manager of Port Commission and Executive Services
Amy Quesada

Amy Quesada is the Manager of Port Commission and Executive Services. Since joining the Port of San Francisco in March 1994, Ms. Quesada has been the Port Commission Secretary for 15 of the 22 Port Commissioners and as Executive Assistant to four Executive Directors.

As liaison between the Port Commission and the Department, she coordinates and supervises the flow of information to and from the Port Commission, the Executive Director and executive staff. She interacts regularly with the Executive Director, Senior Executive staff and Deputy City Attorney regarding the development and implementation of policies and procedures as prescribed by the Port Commission, including matters of confidential nature. She serves as liaison to Federal, State & City agencies' representatives, community organizations, the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor’s office.

Prior to joining the Port, Ms. Quesada served as Executive Secretary to the Deputy Director of Facilities Operations and Maintenance at the San Francisco International Airport for eleven years. She has been an employee of the City & County of San Francisco for over 30 years.