Crane Cove Park

Crane Cove Park

Location: 18th Street and Illinois Map

Crane Cove Park is a seven-acre bayfront park in the Dogpatch neighborhood. The park has a beach with bay access for kayaking, paddle boarding and wading. The lawn has picnic tables, benches, grills and ample space for gathering. The promenade connects to a lookout deck with views of the city and San Francisco Bay.

*Future amenities at Crane Cove Park include a playground and large/small dog runs.


Beach Rules
  • Swimming is not allowed. Wading in designated areas is okay.

  • Keep 300 feet away from the piers and vessels.

Park Amenities

Water Quality
Colorful kayaks prepare to paddle into the open water at the beach at Crane Cove Park.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission monitors the water at public beaches for water quality and bacterial risks. In some cases, beaches may close and notices posted based on the results. Read more about their program.

The Port coordinated with the Regional Water Quality Control Board and Department of Public Health Bureau of Environmental Health on the construction of the park. The Port investigated both soil and sediment for metals, petroleum hydrocarbons, and other possible hazardous chemicals before designing the park. To prevent chemicals from leaching out of sediment into the water, the Port had a sediment cap designed and constructed over part of the bay floor. The cap has a layer of carbon-amended sand covered by layers of gravel, cobble and stone to protect the cap and hold it in place. The construction of the park itself serves as a cap to prevent dispersion or runoff of soil that could impact water quality.