Contracting Opportunities

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Listed below are the business opportunities available through the Port of San Francisco. These opportunities are awarded to companies through a Request for Proposal (RFP) process or competitive bid process. The Port looks forward to partnering with companies to provide our community with the very best in amenities and services. 


Contract No. 2819 - Mission Bay Ferry Landing Terminal - Bid Due Date:  November 15, 2019 @ 10:30AM     NEW!!!

Please check back soon.  

1. Request for Interest - Embarcadero Historic Piers 
The Port of San Francisco requests creative ideas on how the Embarcadero Historic Piers can be accessible, resilient, and enjoyable. The Request for Interest is the first step in developing requests for proposals to rehabilitate and preserve these historic assests. View the RFI Responses

2. Request for Qualification (RFQ) on China Basin 337  
The Port of San Francisco initiated a developer solicitation process for Seawall Lot 337, a 16-acre site south of China Basin Channel and in Mission Bay. At the May 25, 2010 Port Commission meeting the Commission approved an Exclusive Negotiation Agreement with Seawall Lot 337 Associates, comprised of the San Francisco Giants and The Cordish Company.Other Port reports and documents published prior to the RFQ also are provided for public information.

3. Request for Interest - Pier 70 Area: 20th Street Historic Buildings RFI 
The Port is in Exclusive Negotiations with two development partners for sub-areas of Pier 70, these include Forest City for the Pier 70 Waterfront Sub-Area and Orton Development Inc. for the Historic Core Sub Area. The following provides a link to the recent Port Commission Staff Report and Exhibits that describe the coordination and work underway for each of these sub-areas. In addition, other Pier 70 staff reports can be accessed for further information. 

4. Request for Qualifications - Electric Vehicle Charging
As part of a City-wide effort to electrify ground transportation in San Francisco, the Port of San Francisco is seeking qualified teams to expand its EV Charging infrastructure and to operate EV Charging stations.  There are four Port locations that are the subject of this RFQ: Seawall 314, Piers 30/32, Pier 54, Pier 70-Building 109.  Statements of Qualifications will be due by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, September 9, 2019.  A Q&A session will be held at Pier 1 on Monday, August 12, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. 

1. 2018 Shipyard Request for Proposals #2 (RFP-2) 
The Port of San Francisco is seeking an experienced ship repair operator to reopen and revitalize its Pier 68/70 Shipyard ("Pier 70 Shipyard"). The Pier 70 Shipyard, with Dry Dock #2 remains one of only five ship repair yards on the U.S. West Coast that can compete for the maintenance and repair of extra-large sized vessels. The Shipyard is a strategically located facility that is poised to support the growing passenger cruise industry, government and defense fleets, the domestic oil refineries business, and Bay Area maritime passenger and harbor service support vessels.

1. Pier 33.5 North Bulkhead Building 
The Port is soliciting proposals from qualified respondents (“Respondents”) for the development and operation of a restaurant (the “Restaurant”) located at Pier 33 ½, south of Pier 39 and just north of Alcatraz Landing. 

2. Pier 40 Restaurant 
The Port is soliciting proposals from qualified respondents (“Respondents”) for the development and operation of a restaurant (the “Restaurant”) located at Pier 40, adjacent to South Beach Harbor, north of AT&T Park and south of the Ferry Building.