Codes, Guidelines, and Regulations

Your project may require special inspections. For these, the Port of San Francisco Special Inspection Program follows the Port Building Code (PBC) in combination with California Building Code (CBC) Chapter 17. In order to comply with the program and for documenting these inspections, please review Port Code Procedure PCP-014, and then electronically submit Exhibit 1 from that document. Also, electronically submit all future special inspection reports and final affidavit(s). (Please see email address for submittals, below.)

Selection of testing agencies is the responsibility of the owner/tenant or the engineer/architect of record, acting as representative of the owner/tenant. Please select an agency from the Port's List of Approved Special Inspection Testing Agencies. If you wish to use an agency other than one from this list, that agency will need to supply information to the Port about its organization, along with the credentials of the fir m's inspectors, supervising engineer(s) and other employees. This must be done prior to the Port's approval of use of that fir m.

For questions regarding the details or extent of required special inspections, please call the Engineering Plan Reviewer assigned to your project or the Port Permit Desk at 415-274-0554. If there are any field problems regarding special inspections, please call the Port Building Inspector assigned to your project. Note that any required special inspections will be in addition to the regular inspections performed by the Port.

Prior to scheduling of a final building inspection, documentation of special inspection compliance must be submitted to and approved by Port staff. To avoid delays in this process, the project owner or representative should request final compliance reports (also referred to as 'affidavits') from the architect or engineer of record and/or special inspection agency, as soon as possible after the conclusion of special inspection work. The building permit will not be finalized without compliance with the special inspection requirements.



Structural observation(s), if any, shall be provided as required per Section 1704.6 of the PBC/CBC. The building permit will not be finalized without compliance with structural observation requirements.

Port's Current List of Approved Special Inspection Testing Agencies

2019 PCP 014 - Special Inspection


  • Telephone:  (415) 274-0554

  • Fax:               (415) 274-0551

  • Email:   

  • In person:       2rd floor Permit Desk at Pier 1, Embarcadero


All special inspection reports and submittals, including final affidavits, shall be emailed as a .pdf attachment (preferred).