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The Port of San Francisco has published solicitation documents for a Request for Qualifications for As-Needed Engineering and Related Professional Services in the SF City Partner website. Further information including the RFQ and Appendices may be found under Sourcing Event 0000007341 and by searching the SF City Partner website at the link below:

Please note that this is a re-advertisement of Sourcing Event 0000007201. This re-advertisement is substantively identical to the Prior Advertisement, and proposers should refer to all communications regarding the Prior Advertisement, including Addendum 1 and the Port’s Response to Questions on the RFQ.  These documents are attached to this event. Respondents who submitted proposals for the Prior Advertisement may resubmit their previous proposals along with the new Appendix I (discussed below). Respondents may also submit revised proposals or new proposals.

This re-advertisement makes the following changes, which are highlighted in the RFQ: 

1)  Clarifies a Minimum Qualification: Project Manager Minimum Qualification No. 4 (see RFQ page 11), now clarifies that the Prime Consultant Project/Contract Manager must be an employee of the Prime Respondent. Respondents will provide this information in Appendix I.  

2)   Adds Appendix I, which must be submitted by all consultants. 

3)   Replaces Appendix A with optional Appendix A-R: Respondents who submitted proposals for the Prior Advertisement can re-submit their previously completed Appendix A. Respondents who did not propose for the Prior Advertisement or who intend to make changes to their previously-submitted Appendix A should use Appendix A-R (see RFQ page 11)

General Description of Sourcing Event

Number of Contracts expected to be awarded: Up to 4 as-needed contracts, with additional contracts awarded to prequalified pool. 


RFQ Issued:                August 22, 2022 

Deadline for Questions:       August 25, 2022 (5 pm PT) (Send all questions to

Submittals Due:             September 12, 2022 (2 pm PT) – Proposals must be submitted into Supplier Portal at

Estimated Not-To-Exceed for each contract:  $4,000,000 each for immediate award.  

Estimated Contract Term: 4 years, with option to extend for 1 additional year. Contracts awarded to prequalified pool may vary in term and Not-To-Exceed amount.  

Subcontracting Requirement:  

The Local Business Enterprises subcontracting requirement under this solicitation is 20%.

All inquiries related to this solicitation must be email to All other communication to Port representatives is prohibited and may affect a firm's ability to propose.

We thank you for your consideration of this opportunity, and we welcome your proposal!

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