Contract No. 2841 Heron's Head Park Shoreline Resilience

The Port of San Francisco (the “Port”) announces an Invitation for Bids (“IFB”) for construction on HERON'S HEAD SHORELINE RESILIENCE in San Francisco, CA. The scope of work is to 1) construct temporary construction access roads to the marsh area, 2) construction a new stabilized shoreline by placing coarse sand and gravel stabilized by rock and cobble groynes, 3) install reclaimed-wood habitat structures for wildlife (Additive Bid Alternate), 4) Install Oyster Reef Balls (Additive Bid Alternates) and 5) restore the site to previous conditions along the access routes, including but not limited to: repaving, removal of temporary fill, and replanting.

2841 Invitation for Bid

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Pre-bid: 3/1/22 at 10 AM

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Bids due 3/22/22 at 10 AM

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