Contract 2842_Maintenance Dredging 2022 - 2024

The Port of San Francisco (the “Port”) announces an Invitation for Bids (“IFB”) for construction on MAINTENANCE DREDGING 2022 - 2024 in San Francisco, CA. The work will consist of on-call dredging at the Port of San Francisco, which includes mobilization and demobilization, hydrographic surveying, dredging, dredge material transportation for in-Bay disposal, ocean disposal to beneficial reuse sites, and crane lifting services, all as set forth in the construction contract documents.

Although there is no LBE subcontracting requirement for this project, Bidders are highly encouraged to add Small-, Micro-, and SBA-LBE subcontractors to their team. The successful Bidder will inform CMD and the Port of all subcontracting opportunities available before each dredging event during the course of the contract. The successful Bidder is encouraged to work with CMD to identify Micro-, Small-, and SBALBE firms available to perform subcontracting tasks, and will prioritize awarding available subcontracting work to LBEs to the extent possible. Furthermore, CMD forms will need to be submitted as required with the proposal and for contract monitoring.

For more information, contact the Project Manager, Shannon Alford, at 415-274-0263.


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