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2021 Waitlist starting March 1, 2021 to May 31, 2021 is



  • Applications are not complete/valid until payment is received. Payments can be made though phone, in person, and/or check. 
  • Applications are processed in order of completion.
  • South Beach Harbor Map for reference.

Waitlist(s) - Updated June 01, 2021

End Ties Waitlist
30' Berth Waitlist 
34' Berth Waitlist 
38' Berth Waitlist 
42' Berth Waitlist
46' Berth Waitlist
50' Berth Waitlist 

Please Note:
The current waitlist is uploaded to the website around the beginning of every month. This list is a “work in progress.” There are still some administrative tasks we need to do on our end before we print out a final list through our harbor software program. However, the list will give you an APPROXIMATION of your position – you may move up or down a few positions after everything shakes out. We appreciate your understanding and patience.


We look forward to welcoming you and your boat to South Beach Harbor! We are proud of our facility and want you to know the conditions upon which you may bring your boat into the Harbor.

All of our slips are single finger concrete docks. All have a 15 sq. foot dockbox and water service. Electrical* & water utilities are included.

All monthly berths are offered to the person at the top of the wait list on a conditional basis. In order for the berth license agreement to be finally approved, the following steps need to occur:
   •  An appointment must be made with Harbor staff (preferably the Assistant Harbormaster) for the boat to be inspected at South Beach Harbor. The boat will be inspected for seaworthiness and to ensure that the boat will fit the assigned slip in terms of overall length and beam.
Note: Houseboats, “house cruisers” or other such wide beamed, high freeboard, shallow draft vessels are not acceptable at South Beach due to concerns regarding seaworthiness, safety and liability.
   •  Evidence of a standard marine insurance policy for the vessel, including Protection and Indemnity coverage, which is placed with an insurer with a current A.M. Bests’ rating of no less than A-. This insurance coverage must name "City and County of San Francisco and the San Francisco Port Commission and their officers, directors, agents and employees" as additional insureds. Limits of coverage will normally be no less than $500,000 per occurrence, although lower limits may be approved for the smaller boats at the discretion of the Harbor Manager. This insurance coverage must be maintained at all times while the vessel is berthed at South Beach Harbor.
   •  The prospective license holder must present current Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) registration or Coast Guard documentation showing that he or she is the registered owner of the boat.
   •  If the boat is owned by a partnership, a copy of the partnership agreement must be provided. In all cases the prospective license holder must have a significant ownership interest in the boat (normally at least 25% ownership) and must remain personally active in the boat. The partnership agreement needs to indicate the respective ownership interests, as well as each partner's share of expenses and share of profits and income upon sale, rental or other income generating use of the boat. The original licensee must remain as agent for the partnership, receiving all billings and signing all agreements.  
*Available power supplies: 125v-30A | 125v-50A | 125/250v-50A

tel: 415.495.4911 ext. 1111 | after hours: 415.608.1951 | fax: 415.512.1351