Port Earns State Funding to Increase Cargo Shipping, Boost Economic Activity and Build a Greener Southern Waterfront 


The Port will receive $21.5 million from a highly competitive CalSTA Freight Infrastructure Program award to help modernize SF’s industrial maritime complex and reduce emissions in the Bayview neighborhood. 

San Francisco, CA – The Port of San Francisco won a significant funding award from the California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA) Port and Freight Infrastructure Program Thursday that will allow the city to increase cargo shipping, boost jobs and economic activity, and build a greener southern waterfront that neighbors the Bayview community. 

The program focuses on three specific projects that will help the Port modernize Pier 80 to accommodate larger oceangoing vessels with higher cargo volumes; support the rebuilding of Amador Street, the major vehicle artery into the Port’s Maritime Eco-Industrial Complex; and to study the development of an 100-vehicle electric truck fleet at Pier 96 to reduce carbon emissions and build a battery or hydrogen refueling station that will move the city closer toward zero-emission goals. 

“This award will allow for optimal use of the Port’s facilities to ensure the future of San Francisco as a major maritime contributor to the economic vitality of the Bay Area, state, and nation,” Mayor London Breed said. “Additionally, our industrial maritime facilities have suffered from lack of public investment for too long. This has affected San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood, an economically disadvantaged community with the highest proportion of African American residents in the City. Investing in the Port of San Francisco’s industrial maritime complex will help to remedy past environmental injustices and years of under investment.” 

CalSTA’s ‘Core Four’ priorities are safety, climate action, equity and economic prosperity, and the strategic investments announced today shine in all those areas, said Transportation Secretary Toks Omishakin during an event on Thursday announcing the awards at the Port of Oakland. “These awards – a direct result of Governor Newsom’s visionary leadership – will help maintain our state’s competitive edge in our nation-leading supply chain infrastructure and will create a cleaner, safer and more efficient goods movement system that will have a lasting positive impact for the people of California. The historic level of state funding also puts these projects in a stronger position to compete for significant federal infrastructure dollars from the Biden-Harris Administration.” 

Elaine Forbes, the Executive Director of the Port of San Francisco said, “We’re grateful to all our local and advocates in the state legislature and our partners at the California State Transportation Agency who recognized the Port of San Francisco’s leadership in economic growth, but also equitable growth. 

Today’s announcement helps our City live its values to build greener neighborhoods along the southern waterfront, with more jobs and economic opportunity for our residents.” 

Kimberly Brandon, President of the San Francisco Port Commission, said “CalSTA’s investment into the Port’s Southern Waterfront presents a generational opportunity to ensure the future of San Francisco as a major maritime and supply chain leader in the Bay Area, state and nation. This funding gives the Port the support we need to ensure good paying green jobs for the surrounding communities.” 

Shamann Walton, District 10 Supervisor on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors said, “We are excited for this funding that will help reinvest and revitalize maritime activities in Bayview. This will also provide economic and workforce opportunities for residents and gives us the chance to ensure businesses and members who live in the area, benefit from the short- and long-term activities.” 

A complete list of projects is available: Port and Freight Infrastructure Program