Waterfront Land Use Plan Review, 1997-2014


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  This report chronicles the changes and events along the Port of San Francisco waterfront from 1997 to 2014, guided by the Waterfront Land Use Plan. To facilitate downloading, the Waterfront Plan Review is accessible by chapter:

Chapter 1 - The Waterfront Then & Now:

Chapter 1 provides an overview of the waterfront, then and now. It describes issues that span the Port, including maritime and other uses of the waterfront, parks and open space, historic rehabilitation, waterfront development, urban design, waterfront height limits and sea level rise.


Chapter 2 - The Waterfront Plan & Port Capital Plan:

Chapter 2 describes the Waterfront Plan, and how Port staff, Commissioners and the public have come to a better understanding of the condition of Port property through development of the 10 Year Capital Plan.


Chapter 3 - Projects & Activities By Waterfront Subareas:

Chapter 3 highlights accomplishments in each of the Port’s waterfront neighborhoods, including subarea maps showing improvements delivered through development, leasing and the efforts of Port and City agency staff, including recommendations to inform opportunities ahead.

Chapter 3

Chapter 4 Part 1 - Waterfront Plan Accomplishments By Category:

Chapter 4 provides an overview of Port improvements on a project-by-project basis, including photos that illustrate the profound changes along the waterfront since 1997. Chapter 4 also includes a review of projects that were abandoned, including analysis and lessons learned.

Part 1 includes Planning; Maritime; Open Space; Engineering, Maintenance & Security 


Chapter 4 Part 2 - Waterfront Plan Accomplishments By Category:

Part 2 includes Environmental Protection & Sustainability; Transportation; Real Estate; Mixed-Use Development & Historic Rehabilitation; Unique Development Opportunities


Chapter 5 - Port Projects Underway:

Chapter 5 discusses projects that are currently underway, including new neighborhoods planned for Port property in Mission Bay and in Dogpatch.


Attachment A - Waterfront Plan Review Recommendations:

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