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Questions & Comments
received as of April 29, 2010

It is not clear enough on what the Port is offering.

The Port is offering to enter into a License agreement with a Water Taxi operator, which will allow use of Pier 1½ as a landing (and can include Hyde St. Harbor). The Port will assist the Licensee in their negotiations with Facility managers to obtain preferred rates at other desired landing locations.

What is the opportunity?

The opportunity is a License from the Port to operate a Water Taxi, making use of Pier 1½ (The Port has the exclusive right to allow or enter into Excursion and Water Taxi landings at Pier 1½). This License can include Hyde St. Harbor.

How many people have expressed interest? How many responses to the RFI does the Port expect to receive?

Up until issuing the RFI, only one entity had repeatedly expressed interest in providing this service. It is unclear how many of the recent inquiries are serious, so there is no way to quantify how may responses the Port expects to receive.

How much is the Port offering to pay for someone to provide this service?

The Port is not offering to pay for this service. The Port is hoping this opportunity will allow an operator to earn a profit.

Will there be a Request For Proposals?

Issuing the RFI first allows the Port to gauge the amount of qualified interest in providing the Water Taxi. If responses are minimal or do not demonstrate basic ability, the Port can then choose to request one respondent to provide further detail in hopes of entering into a License agreement. If there are multiple responses of equal merit, then the Port would likely go ahead with an RFP.

Is there a deadline for question submittals?

The Port did not set a deadline, so the Port will attempt to post responses through May 6th, the day prior to the deadline for responding to the RFI. It is not likely we will be able to respond to questions received on May 7th in time for filing to meet the RFI deadline.