Statement of Purpose and Objectives of Port Advisory Groups

The Port has established Waterfront Advisory Groups to create and foster ongoing communication and exchange with the various neighboring communities along the Port's waterfront: Fisherman's Wharf, Northeast Waterfront/Ferry Building, China Basin/Central Waterfront, and Southern Waterfront. In addition, the Port has created advisory groups on waterfront focus issues: Fisherman's Wharf Environmental Quality, Maritime Commerce, and for Cruise Terminal and Environmental Quality. The Port also maintains community relations in the South Beach community via the Rincon Point-South Beach Citizens Advisory Committee of the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency. With a shared interest in fostering honest and proactive community discussions, the Port and its advisory groups seek to:

  • Promote a positive community engagement approach to Port-related projects that includes all stakeholders
  • Actively solicit early input prior to determining a development concept
  • Encourage community participation and input prior to determining a development concept
  • Provide clearer information and direction on the approval and review process for Port leases and development projects
  • Participate in public hearings and community input meetings throughout the development process
  • Provide for ad hoc subcommittees to address issues of special importance to the Port, such as parking and transportation, as may occur from time to time.