Special Events at the Port

The Port of San Francisco welcomes special events to help activate and enliven public use and enjoyment of the waterfront. If you are interested in applying for a Special Event, please see the Guidelines and Application for Special Events.

To see what's happening at the Port, take a look at our Events Calendar.  For monthly notificatiosn and updates on Port events, subscribe to our Special Events newsletter.  

For additional notifications on events that may impact transit and traffic, please subscribe to Chase Center, Oracle Park and the SFMTA Transit and Traffic Advisory.  

For more information, please contact the following individuals.


Pier 27
Pier 29
Pier 35


Kimberley Patten
Metro Events
(415) 231-1484

Pier 39



Irma Hernandez
Pier 39 Events
(415) 705-5445

Ferry Building



Lin Wu
Property Manager
Hudson Pacific Properties
(415) 983-8002


Pier 30
Pier 32


Joyce Chan
Port of San Francisco
(415) 274-0259

Pier 48
Parking Lot A


Joey Nevin
San Francisco Giants
(415) 972-1807

All Other Special Events



Joyce Chan
Port of San Francisco
(415) 274-0259