Southern Waterfront

Ship PropellerThe Southern Waterfront extends from Pier 70 to India Basin, which is roughly between Mariposa Street and Hunters Point Boulevard (subarea map PDF).

The Southern Waterfront will remain home to most of the Port's cargo and ship repair operations. The Waterfront Plan promotes expansion of cargo and maritime support uses on 206 acres in the Southern Waterfront that are already developed, but greatly underutilized, for such uses. In addition, the Plan reserves 97 new acres in the Southern Waterfront for further long-term maritime expansion.


In the meantime, interim uses are allowed to generate revenues urgently needed to subsidize Port operations until the sites are needed for expansion of cargo operations. Also, revenues can be generated on three sites not needed for cargo expansion.

Remarkably, the Southern Waterfront's industrial activities are interspersed with natural habitat, habitat restoration, and public access and recreation areas. The Waterfront Land Use Plan supports preservation of these resources and additional public access improvements compatible with the continuation of cargo and industrial maritime uses.

Southern Waterfront Area Objectives:

  • Continue and expand cargo and ship repair operations.
  • Allow limited non-maritime uses to generate revenues.
  • Enhance wetlands, public access and open space.
  • Restore Union Iron Works historic buildings.