South Beach/China Basin

South BeachThe South Beach/China Basin Waterfront extends from Pier 22 1/2 to Seawall Lot 345, which is roughly between Harrison Street and Mariposa Street (subarea map PDF).

Vibrant mixed-use residential and commercial neighborhoods now dominate and represent the future of this former industrial district. Light rail and open space improvements now link the area to other parts of the City, and the new PacBell Ballpark, home of the San Francisco Giants, draws lively crowds from throughout the Bay Area. The Waterfront Plan promotes a broad range of public-oriented activities on piers which will further enliven the waterfront and attract visitors from Downtown and the rest of the City, while also serving the area's burgeoning resident population. These uses include development of the Brannan Street Wharf, a major public park between the Bay Bridge and PacBell Ballpark.


New activities on inland sites should incorporate local-serving businesses or amenities to help provide a transition, where necessary, between larger-scale waterside attractions and residential neighborhoods. Currently, the Port is undertaking a public planning process for the 14-acre site south of China Basin Channel that is currently used for Giants and commuter parking and referred to as SWL 337.

South Beach/China Basin Area Objectives:

  • Respect the needs of new residents.
  • New activities to attract San Franciscans.
  • Connect public access between South Beach and China Basin.
  • Expand recreational boating south of China Basin.
  • Provide new parks.