SFPUC FOG Ordinance

Informational Announcment



Restaurants and other Food Service Establishments


Application Submittals

Construction plans for proposed tenant improvements and new construction work involving Restaurants and other Food Service Establishments must be evaluated by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission for compliance with the City's Fat, Oils and Grease (FOG) Control Ordinance 2011.


Building permit applications submitted to the Port will require approval by a SFPUC Wastewater Inspector prior to the application and construction documents being filed for building code reviews.  To obtain the required SFPUC approval the applicant must submit two copies of the proposed Kitchen Equipment plans to the SFPUC Collection System Division Office at:

​3801 3rd St, Suite 600, San Francisco CA  94124 - (415) 695-7310

Upon review and approval, SFPUC will stamp and route the approved Kitchen Equipment plans to the Port Permit Services Desk at Pier 1 through the City's Interdepartmental Delivery service.  The Permit Desk staff will then clear the application to be filed for building code reviews.  Once the code review process is complete, the Kitchen Equipment plans approved by SFPUC will be attached to the construction plans issued to the applicant with the building permit.

Issued Permits

The Job Record Card printed on the back of the Port building permit must be signed off by the SFPUC Wastewater Inspector prior to a final inspection approval of issuance of a Certificate of Final Completion and Occupancy by the Port building inspector.  It is the responsibility of the applicant, or the person doing the work, to contact and schedule an inspection with SFPUC inspector.


SFPUC written approval must be obtained and provided by the applicant prior to the Chief Harbor Engineer's issuane of a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy.


Information on the FOG ordiance requirements may be found at http://www.sfwater.org/index.aspx?page=480 or by calling (415) 695-7310