RFQ/P for a SF Port Mixed-Use Development Opportunity

Thank you for registering your interest in the SWL 337 RFQ. We look forward to receiving your submittal.

SWL 337 Request for Qualifications (PDF)

SWL 337 RFQ, Appendix A: Senate Bill 815 (pdf)

SWL 337 RFQ, Appendix B: Port Staff Reports (pdf)
SWL 337 Staff Report, 10-4-07.pdf
SWL337 Staff Report 10-23-07.pdf

SWL 337 RFQ, Appendix C: Burton Act (pdf)

SWL 337 RFQ, Supporting Exhibit: SWL 337 Site Map (pdf)

SWL 337 RFQ, Supporting Exhibit: Pier 48 Site Map (pdf)

SWL 337 RFQ, Supporting Exhibit: Existing and Planned, Open Space Map (pdf)

SWL 337 RFQ, Transportation Network (pdf)

Please note the following key SWL 337 RFQ Dates:

  • Pre-submittal meetings: November 15th & December 13th, 2007

The information presented at these meetings may be different, therefore RFQ
respondents are encouraged to attend both meetings

  • RFQ Submittal Deadline: February 14, 2008

If you have any questions, please contact Phil Williamson, Port Development Project Manager, at (415) 274-0453 or Phil_Williamson@sfport.com