Planning and Land Use Regulatory Review

While the Waterfront Plan provides the framework for determining the location and type of land uses along the waterfront, all new development, real estate leases and Port building permits typically are subject to one or more of the following land use and regulatory reviews:

  • Environmental review requirements under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)
  • City Planning Code and Zoning Map
  • BCDC permitting procedures
  • Public Trust Doctrine compliance review by the State Lands Commission
  • Secretary of the Interior Standards for Historic Rehabilitation consistency for alterations to designated historic resources.

The Planning & Development Division also is responsible for conducting design and architectural review of building projects to ensure compliance with the Waterfront Design & Access policies of the Waterfront Plan. For major mixed use development projects, this design review is conducted by the Waterfront Design Advisory Committee (WDAC), with representatives from the Port, Planning Department and Mayor's Office. WDAC review is conducted in public meetings. For small projects or typical tenant improvement proposals, design review is conducted administratively by the Division's staff. For more information, see the Port Banner Criteria and Sign Guidelines.