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The Port's Planning & Development Division is responsible for developing and maintaining planning and land use policies adopted by the Port Commission. These policies are contained in the Waterfront Land Use Plan ("Waterfront Plan").

Within the policy framework of the Waterfront Plan, the Planning & Development Division often works with the community to develop detailed planning studies for specific projects. Planning studies provide further direction and details on the type and character of activities, and design objectives sought in major waterfront improvement projects. There are a broad range of Planning & Development Projects, ranging from public parks and maritime infrastructure to commercial and recreational activities. They may be implemented by the Port, through public/private partnerships, or major Port tenant improvements.

All Planning & Development projects incorporate broad community outreach to solicit public input on how policies and development should occur along the waterfront. The Port has set up Waterfront Advisory Committees as the main conduit for ongoing community dialog.

In addition, the Planning & Development Division has Regulatory Review responsibilities to ensure that new construction, alterations and public improvements comply with applicable use, design review, environmental and other government regulations.

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