Piers 1½ - 3 - 5 Historic Rehabilitation

Pier 5 at Night

Photo Courtesy of Tim Griffith


Type of Project

Public/Private Partnership Development Project
Ferry Building Mixed Use Opportunity Area


Project staff

Byron Rhett, Deputy Director, Planning & Development Division
Phil Williamson, Project Manager (415-274-0453)



San Francisco Waterfront Partners, LLC
Simon Snellgrove, Alicia Allbin, Principals (415-675-2100)
California State Teachers' Retirement System, development partner and lender


Development Team

Tom Eliot Fisch Associates (project architect); Hannum Associates (design architect); Page & Turnbull, Inc. (historic architect); Farella Braun & Martel LLP (legal); Holmes Culley (structural engineers); Amoroso Construction Co., Inc. (general contractor).


Project Description

Development and rehabilitation of the bulkhead buildings at Piers 1 ½, 3 and 5, plus construction of additional office space at Pier 3. The project includes extensive public access walkways along the water, new restaurants and cafes, new offices on the upper floors, a water taxi landing and guest boat dock at Pier 1 ½, and recreational boat berthing at Pier 5. See the official website at www.thepierssf.com.


Certificate of Occupancy issued for core and shell improvements on May 24, 2007. The project features Class A waterfront office and retail space and is 100% leased. La Mar Restaurant at Pier 1½ opened in 2008; The Plant Organic Café at Pier 3 opened in June 2009; Hard Water at Pier 3 opened in April 2013; Coqueta at Pier 5 opened in April 2013. For leasing inquiries, contact San Francisco Waterfront Partners at (415) 675-2102.


Restaurant with purple hue at night from the bay

Photo Courtesy of Tim Griffith



Photo Courtesy of Tim Griffith


Last updated August 2014