Pier 70 Area

Pier 70 is a Port of San Francisco site that is approximately 69-acres located in the City’s Central Waterfront, generally between Mariposa and 22nd Street, east of Illinois Street. This site has been identified as a future National Historic District due to its over 150-years of continuous operations in Ship Building and Repair, the role it has played in the industrialization of the Western United States, the war efforts and architectural and engineering feats.

The Port of San Francisco working with its regulatory partners and through an extensive community planning process recently completed a Pier 70 Preferred Master Plan. The Preferred Master Plan outlines an approach to rehabilitate historic resources, provide new shoreline open space, allow for new infill development, continue the historic ship repair operations and conduct environmental remediation and infrastructure improvements where required.

The Preferred Master Plan will be the framework used to solicit development partners to assist the Port in implementing the Plan vision. 

NEW  Pier 70 Special Use District: Design for Development

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Pier 70 Waterfront Site - Forest City Update Presentation to CWAG - 2.18.15

Pier 70 Environmental Risk Management Plan 7-25-13- Approved
                                Pier 70 Environmental Risk Management Plan - Text_Tables_Figures
                                Appendix A - O&M Annual Inspection
                                Appendix B - Dust Control Plan
                                Appendix C - Existing Utilities_Former USTs (18 MB zip)
Appendix D - Contact Information
                                Appendix E - Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
                                Appendix F - Health and Safety Plan
                                Appendix G - Groundwater Management Plan Outline

Pier 70 Draft Risk Management Plan presentation - 2.27.13

Pier 70 Waterfront Site - Forest City Concept Presentation to CWAG - 1.15.13

Pier 70 Draft Risk Management Fact Sheet

Pier 70 Subdistrict Factsheet (PDF)

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Recent Port Commission Staff Reports on Pier 70   

FS-RMP (Cleanup Plan) Fact Sheet (PDF)


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