Piers 90-94 Backlands Planning

The Piers 90-94 Backlands covers approximately 23 acres of unimproved land. The Port is currently seeking the necessary regulatory approvals and preparing site engineering plans to improve the site for new uses. The proposed new uses include: construction lay down, marshalling, auto storage, self-storage, and construction material recycling as well as eco-industrial uses such as batching operations, and biofuels production. These new uses have market support, are physically feasible, and are consistent with Port land use policies.

Pier 94 - 96 Backlands context assets and Backlands map

Backlands Leasing

All future leases in the Backlands would be subject to the Port's Southern Waterfront Beautification Policy, review by the Southern Waterfront Advisory Committee and approval by the Port Commission. To provide some understanding of this approval process, the following factors would be considered in lease evaluation: level of market and community support, consistency with area land use controls (public trust and local zoning), financial return and feasibility, physical site improvements (as provided by the Southern Waterfront Community Benefits policy), number and type of jobs created, environmental impacts and benefits, regulatory controls, compatibility and/or synergy with existing uses in the area, utilization of the Port's multi-modal transportation infrastructure, and capital investment.

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