Pier 70 Implementation


Vertical Design Approvals 

Parcel E2 Schematic Design Approval 

Parcel K North Schematic Design Approval

Parcel A Schematic Design Approval


Vertical Design Review 

Informational Presentation-Parcel A (CWAG Meeting: 9/4/19)

Informational Presentation – Parcel K North (PKN) Update (CWAG Meeting: 9/18/19)


Pier 70 Subareas & Projects

Waterfront Site

The waterfront site is an approximately 25 acre site for new mixed-use development. Following a competitive development solicitation process, in July 2011, the Port entered into an Exclusive Negotiation Agreement (ENA) with Forest City Development.

Historic Core

The historic core includes six historic buildings on or near 20th Street. Following a competitive developer solicitation process, in May 2012, the Port entered into an ENA with Orton Development Inc. for the lease, rehabilitation, and development of the historic buildings.

Pier 70 Cove

This subarea includes Crane Cove Park, a proposed new 7 acre park.

Pier 70 Shipyard Subdistrict

BAE operates the Port’s ship repair facility. Ship repair is one of the Port’s highest revenue maritime tenants and important to supporting San Francisco’s cruise terminal.

Pier 70 Hill Subdistrict

Irish Hill, a 1.5-acre land form, at the southwestern corner of the Pier 70, is planned open space. Two potential development sites are on either side of Irish Hill east of Illinois Street; one is owned by the Port, the other by PG&E. These sites would serve as important connections between Pier 70 and the Dogpatch neighborhood. 

Pier 70 Environmental Risk Management

Pier 70 Environmental Risk Management Approved Plan (7/25/13)

Pier 70 Environmental Risk Management Plan - Text_Tables_Figures 
Appendix A - O&M Annual Inspection
Appendix B - Dust Control Plan 
Appendix C - Existing Utilities_Former USTs (18 MB zip) 
Appendix D - Contact Information 
Appendix E - Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
Appendix F - Health and Safety Plan
Appendix G - Groundwater Management Plan Outline 

Pier 70 Draft Risk Management Plan Presentation (2/27/13)
Pier 70 Draft Risk Management Fact Sheet 
FS-RMP (Cleanup Plan) Fact Sheet

Developer Solicitation

Developer Solicitation Process (2011)

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