Pier 70 Area: Powerhouse - Building 102

Pier 70 - Building 102 (From rear)

The Powerhouse fronts 20th Street. Along with Building 101 to the west and Building 104 to the east, it creates a strip of architect-designed buildings at the entrance to the shipyard. It was designed by San Francisco architect Charles Peter Weeks and built in 1912. This tall, rectangular concrete building has a hipped roof clad with straight mission tiles. It measures 128' 6" long, by 42' 4" wide, by 48' tall, and contains 8,428 square-feet over the first floor and basement.

Originally constructed as a powerhouse, Building 102 functioned as a both as a generator of power for non-electrical equipment and as an electrical substation that transformed and distributed electrical power. Currently it continues to serve some of the electrical needs of BAE Systems.

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